Monitor Preachings in Churches

Rochas and Uche Nwosu
  • New SGI tells Govt. appointees
  • Vows to spill his blood to deliver Uche Nwosu

To crack down on opposition to Government, the new Secretary to the Government of Imo State (SGI) has directed all appointees and commissioners to monitor preachings by Reverend Fathers and pastors in their parishes and churches.

Engineer Mark Uchendu, who hails from Ihitte Uboma, and shockingly a Catholic Knight, has declared war against all the churches, apparently to please his boss.

Uchendu said also he was ready to spill his blood to make sure Uche Nwosu, the Governor’s SON in-law, succeeds him as the next Governor of Imo State

Speaking after he was sworn in last week as SGI, Engr. Uchendu, a former commissioner for public utilities, literally ordered commissioners and other Government appointees to spy on the church.

As reported in the Thursday September 20th edition of the TRUMPETA, they were to move down to their various communities and into the churches to see who is preaching against the Government.  According to him, some pastors and Rev. Fathers use their platform to misinform people against the Government, especially when they stand at the pulpit to preach.

“We must go against wrong preaching,” Uchendu declared.

Uchendu’s comment apparently suggested he would clamp down on any church whose preaching did not suit him or his intention.

“Uchendu who gave vote of thanks on behalf of other newly appointed government officials shortly after the swearing in ceremony vowed to spill his blood to make sure that Governor Okorocha produces a successor of his choice in the name of Uche Nwosu, adding that the opposition group cannot stop the Rescue Mission team from actualising its dream,” he said,

Further, “he urged Imolites to shun the activities of the detractors of the Governor and face the realities on ground. He therefore directed that all hands must be on deck to disorganise the opposition party.”

Uchendu’s regrettable comment came after Governor Okorocha’s speech alleging there were plans by some churches to preach against him and his administration.

It should be recalled that recently a pastor of the Assembles of God’s church was arrested in church for allegedly preaching against Governor Okorocha.

Political analysts say this unfortunately sets a very bad tone for the upcoming election. Many say he may be reading a self-styled script to please his boss. They advised that such flame of desperation should be put off. Imo is a peaceful state they maintain.


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