Why South-West will deliver Atiku/Obi ticket

Why South-West will deliver Atiku/Obi ticket

Again, Igbo people know that Atiku is not a religious bigot. Yes, he is a Fulani man, but a Fulani who has interest of all Nigerians at heart because he has related with them across the board. I have no doubt that the South-South and the South-East would give PDP block votes during the election.

Looking at the fight against corruption by the APC-led Federal Government, would you say it is achieving the desired result?

My candid advice to APC is to thread softly. A situation where the government of the day is intimidating opposition would definitely backfire someday. They should know that if intimidation gets to a certain level, the people might revolt. The former President, Goodluck J Jonathan was in power for close to eight years and never for once freeze the account of Buhari. Even Tinubu who was one of the major financiers of the party, his account or businesses were never harassed. Amaechi and even Atiku’s account were not in any way tampered with.

But today, what do we have? Peter Obi’s account has been frozen again and again. Above all, even when Jonathan knew that massive rigging took place, he still conceded defeat. APC must therefore better be careful. The party should not push Nigerians to their limit. They should ensure that there is free and fair election. They better leave people in peace to make their choice. The party better leave the leadership of PDP alone.

If this government is truly fighting corruption, why is Amaechi and others still walking about freely despite allegations of corruption against them from their home states? Why is Maina’s case not being treated the same way other corruption cases were handled? If this government is fighting corruption what happened to the millions of Dollars recovered in Ikoyi? Why has Buhari not flush out the corrupt people surrounding him? My brother, if you look at this so-called fight against corruption you would agree with me that it is just mere shadow boxing. Once you are a corrupt person and you flee to APC, you are saved. Is this how to fight corruption? I beg to disagree.

But the PDP’s presidential candidate, Atiku, has also been accused of corruption. What do you say to that?

Atiku has been in government for years. When he was financing APC in 2014, he wasn’t corrupt but immediately he declared to run for presidency, they declared him corrupt. That is double standard. Lying and cheap propaganda is the order of the day of the APC and its government.

In any case, should the fight against corruption be a barrier to infrastructure development? The answer is no. Today even a small child knows that road infrastructure nationwide is in poor shape. Look at the Lagos-Badagry expressway, the Atan-Igbesa road in Ogun State, the second Niger Bridge, all are in comatose and when you ask why, they will quickly tell you that they are fighting corruption.

Electricity, primary health care, education, rail line, all have grinded to a halt in less than four years of this administration. This is unfortunate. So in order to correct these anomalies and get Nigeria working again, Nigerians should vote Alhaji Atiku in next month’s election. His victory at the poll would erase tears of poverty from Nigeria.

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