Ararume – A Political Style So Alluring

Ararume - A Political Style So Alluring


Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Ararume is the Chief and arrowhead of Destiny Organization. His fascinating leadership style is so attractive, enticing and magnetic that it is difficult to resist being part of his moving train.

His followers over the years have seen in him a sober, almost self- deprecating attitude on his part as undeniable humility. He does not live in a world of make-believe and unrealistic expectation. As a celebrated realist, he does not intend to abandon Nigeria and seek out a more comfortable corner of the globe which someone else’s intelligence and labour have tidied up. He wants all hands on deck to achieve our collective dream – a resurgent Imo State nay Nigeria.

He believes that civilization does not fall down from the sky; it has always been the result of peoples determined toil and sweat, the fruit of their long search for order and justice under brave and enlightened leadership. This is the class of Distinguish Senator Chief Ifeanyi Ararume who advocates politics of societal wellbeing.

He is aware that in extreme circumstances of social, economic and political inequities, such as we have in Nigeria, nebulous political statements work in reverse direction and provoke rejection in the long run and despair in the people.

He is aware that some erstwhile leaders talk patriotically but their pronouncements are only mouth deep; they do not exist in their hearts, and certainly not in the work of their hands.

He is aware that patriotism being part of an unwritten social contract between a citizen and the state cannot exist where the state reneges on her service compact with the people.

He is aware that the state undertakes to organize society in such a way that the citizens can enjoy security, peace, justice and economic wellbeing, and in turn perform their civic duties.

He is aware that a credible leader must be prepared to have rubbish heaped on his head and the assault taken with calmness of mind to qualify to be a leader driven only by the leader’s single-minded pursuit of common good. He has passed through the crucible and acid test of acceptability and emerged triumphant having perceived the entire state and her people as his constituency.

Every leader must have a dream and be steadfast in his effort to fulfill that dream. Senator Araraume belongs to that exclusive class.

For him, service to the people is not a profession. It is a vocation and a leader must make a lot of sacrifice for it. Where there is a problem he seeks to proffer a solution without delay.

He realizes that what brings down every leadership is that it is taken over by sectional interest. He rejects sectionalism completely. He has remained a servant to all and not to some few and master to none. Justice to all, ill will to none has remained the hallmark of his social, economic and political engagements.

His leadership style accommodates diverse opinions and interests. He wants to serve as leader where everyone’s opinion counts and which are then carefully harmonized in the interest of all. He puts an accent on merit in choosing his team.

As a realistic leader, he believes that there is no place in politics for the pessimist. He sees politics as a game of the possible played by optimists. Difficulties are seen as mere stepping stones placed in the field which only men of resilient disposition can take advantage of. Senator Ararume is sufficiently self-motivated to successfully take on varied challenges.

He has seen that political followership in this country has become such that our leaders are seduced and tyrants made of them by sycophants who applaud executive buffoonery, genuflect to mediocrity and defend indefensible executive indiscretion in consolidation of politics of the belly. This is abhorrent to him.

I believe that his purpose in seeking access to governance is to maintain a preferential option for the poor in terms of improved and sustainable standard of living while not ignoring support for the rich and middle class in their entrepreneurial and corporate pursuits.

With him, and his broadmindedness and politics without bitterness, there will be a welcome ‘refuge for the abused electorate from where they would find the will to push their individual dreams and aspirations. Imo State belongs to us all, he would always say.

With him, the Nigerian social consciousness will generate a powerful impulse toward a new politics of peace and fair play which he has always advocated so as to launch forth a generation of politicians able to respond appropriately to the challenges of our critical times.

I doubt that he enjoys hero worshipping. I also don’t believe that he will use the media deceitfully to propagate falsehood like some demagogues we have experienced over the years.

Senator Ararume is real. He is not an Angel in heaven but human like the rest of us in Nigeria. But to him the combination of high public office with the pursuit of private business with government resources is anathema. After his example, no one will be able to reduce the high purpose of politics which he exemplifies down to an uncontrollable scramble. No one will hope to do so without offending the masses. He is making a case that we need to begin to prepare for a future where ethnicity and sectionalism will loose their salience and resonance.

Like Moses of biblical times he appreciates the fact that the positive transformation of the state requires input from well meaning Imo residents at all levels of society and from all parts of the country. His true nature to relate to people not out of power or influence but out of affection will underpin his success in galvanizing the people, thereby underscoring his time-held view that governance is not a one man’s affair.

This plan of action will be supported by a programme of social reengineering where faith based organizations will be an integral part of the programme being himself a firm believer of the salvic influence of the organizations towards a productive and morally just society.

He believes that the current democratic process presents Nigerians an opportunity to change the fortunes of our people. He asserts that for our children’ future, we must give our today.

Aware of the enormity of the tasks ahead which are surmountable with our collective support, commitment, loyalty and resolve, he is assuring the present and future traumatized generation of Imo people that we are prepared to lift our state from the economic doldrums in which it is now mired to economic prosperity, security, peace and harmony with adequate measures put in place for its sustainability so as to secure a prosperous future for our people and our youths.

His sustainable plan of action are as realistic as his word remains his bond in the provision of good roads, education (including free and qualitative education from primary to secondary level and bursaries/scholarship to tertiary levels students), affordable healthcare, aggressive agricultural production, portable water, constant electricity, industrial growth, affordable housing, productive civil service, sports and women and youth empowerment.

As events unfold in Imo State he is ever ready to strategize to bring Imo people to the Promised Land and can only rest when this is achieved in keeping with his name “ARARA UME”.

In all his pursuits, he has shown grace in spite of all the campaign of calumny and detraction against him by various interest groups. Here is a man who has abiding faith in God with the realization that after passing through the crucible he will emerge a man of destiny at God’s own time.

As a Christian politician of the Noble order of the Knight of St. John International, whose patron saint is John the Baptist, known for his courage and valour in condemnation of evil and in defence of the truth without counting the cost, no one should doubt the indept spirituality in ARARUME’S belief for a just pursuit.

He is a team player and never abandons his people, a quality that has endeared him to his admirers.


Sir Andrew I. Ajaero (KSJI)

Public Affairs Commentator/Analyst

Onicha Nweorie Ezinihitte