BOOK REVIEW: The Origin of the First Rosary


Don’t just love this book Because of:

Its beautiful cover with gold-embossed letters on black landing; even if you have never seen a book as beautiful as this, or you feel that such a beauty must also be found in your home.

But love it because of: 

The beauty of its contents, not its cover; – its rich, convincing, and rewarding contents, which include:
1) The correct way to pray the Rosary in order to reap its power and benefits in full, rather than waste your efforts by praying wrongly.
2) How not to go to heaven “empty-handed” (see Hymn 140- Catholic Hymn Book) “Must I go… and empty-handed”.
3) What Pope Francis did in 1996 when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina where a consecrated host changed into a big lump of fresh human flesh, soaked with blood, and the New York connection to this miracle.
4) Details of the mystery number “9”, as that big wonder which no human being has been able to explain, and which is referred to as “A GLIMPSE OF THE WONDERS IN HEAVEN”.
5) What HELL looks like, as described by three innocent little children when it was exposed by Mary for them to see.
6) How God who used Mary as a channel to visit and reach us, still continues (unknown to many) to use her today because HE IS AN
7) The confession of the devil on what the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary to do them, and why they fear Her greatly.
Plus other surprises — including:
a) Why such a book should be sold for only N350 a copy or N300 if buying twenty or more copies, instead of its market value of N700 per copy.
b) The indubitable TRUTH that stares you in the face as you turn to its back cover.


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