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Don’t Join Crowd1 if you can’t do these



Don’t Join Crowd1 if you can’t do these

Crowd1 has been relevant in the internet community and very much trending since late 2019. There is strong evidence that several people are hoping in 24/7 on the Crowd1 platform on daily basis.

Crowd1 digital marketing network is estimated to have over 12 million successful signup members from across the globe with over 60% of its members relying of the Crowd1 weekly reward claims without doing the referral with fuels the Crowd1 firm and in return pays the up-line a certain percentage.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s hit the nail on the head.

Crowd1 is crowd driven, point blank! Crowd1 members think like pro marketers. Get this straight.

If you can’t do these, then you are not legible to earn reasonable amount of pay in Crowd1.

Being social with people matters here, getting friends and family members to join is one key thing to grow in Crowd1. If you are not the type to approach people and talk to them to join Crowd1 business then you are likely to miss out of the game.

Here is what you will do to succeed in Crowd1:

Basic Steps

Getting trained in Crowd1

This is the very important expect of growing rich with Crowd1. You cannot do well in any business you have little or no knowledge about. Many people joined Crowd1 with the view that they make money joining without getting the full details; that’s very wrong. Learn from over a hundred videos about Crowd1 on YouTube. Checkout the frequently Asked Questions on Crowd1 portal and be sure you go through it thoroughly. Take a good time to review Crowd1 o equip you before you carry on the other plans to succeed in Crowd1.

Leveraging on the print Media

Print flyers and posters share to friends and business/ marketing points.If you can’t do posters and flyers to share in strategic business points with convictions that the Crowd1 business is legit and worth joining, then you may have missed a point to grow rich with Crowd1.


Some serious guys go the length of branding their offices, cars, t-shirts and face caps alongside with face-mask with the Crowd1 logo to help them possibly get prospective members to finally join Crowd1.

Brochure advert

Here is another means of reaching out. I prefer this because the brochure will last longer than the flyers and posters shared to firms and individuals. Look for an event(s) that needed sponsorship on the brochure and do a catchy advertisement with the details and see the magic. Brochure advertisement has a long lasting effect on advertisement.

Advertise on Local or National Newspapers

This might cost you money but it’s a win-win in most cases. It makes the brand more official and marketable. This is one of the surest ways to get traffic to your Crowd1 details and it has same lasting effect with the brochure advertisement.

Organize a Road Show

Organise a road show and share flyers like the crusaders do. With your branded T-shits or caps or car or whichever, you can do this in your locality!

Organizing Seminars

A whole lot of people needed classes to go and learn on how best to improve their financial strength and thus needed such like seminars and workshops to achieve this. It is a good way to intimate with the prospective clients and orientate them on what Crowd1 is all about and how best to grow in the business. Most leaders of Crowd1 who are made by the business started this way. They made frantic effort to strive to achieving success!

Electronic media

Talking via the Radio Stations

Mean members go live on the radio to talk about Crowd1 business sharing their phone numbers to call to get interested members to join crowd1. This is the game to reach out to the larger cities and metropolis. If you can’t convince people via the radio live talk show, you may have missed out too.

Doing Radio Jingles

Members go to radio houses to pay for adverts for the crowd1 jingles to pay at intervals and especially on a targeted time people listens to the radio. This is another powerful strategy to win in Crowd1. Not doing this, is a minus to the potential you can leverage to earn money in Crowd1.

Sponsor a Radio Programme

Look for a radio programme that trends most and advertise crowd1 via it. This might be a bit expensive but depending on your location and the business firm involved.

Go live on TVs

Take a slot on the local/ National TV stations and air your views, educate the listen viewers on the benefits to join the Crowd1 team and share your contact details. This is just similar to radio talk-show but there is much sales generated with this compare to the radio.

Do TV Jingles

Have your Crowd1 advert play on any popular TV stations of your choice with your details and command traffic to yourself. Several we call and eventually join the movement. You can hire a good video editor to arrange the advert for you and then you can play it on multiple TV stations to reach out to wider viewers.

Utilize the Internet

Several opportunities are out there to drive traffic to your referral link and have someone signup as your down-line. It isn’t magic but a systematic approach is needed here. The game here is not going out there to tell the internet community how to make money online without considering the nitty-gritty of it. It is never done that way else everyone perceives you are a scammer and a fraudster. Yes!

There are very legit ways you can promote Crowd1 on the Internet and here are the relevant strategies lined up below:

Create a YouTube Channel for this

This might sound too big but if you are serious and ever ready to take the bull by the horn you need not hesitate over this. Do it, do it right now and upload relevant edited videos on YouTube. Use Invideo to create astonishing professional videos even as a beginner. This hack truly works. On your videos, drop your referral link on the description section of the videos and watch the magic. Make your video stand out and convincing with you recording your screen as a way of training your prospective clients.  I repeat use invideo to create wow video. You will be amazed at the results you will get. Upload multiple videos on your cannel and keep your channel alive with Crowd1 events and shows. Always encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel and hit the like button to grow your YouTube Channel. Invideo has all these features to create full HD cinematic dreamlike videos. Need help doing this, email 

Run a YouTube, Bing or Facebook Ad

Apart from creating a YouTube Channel or Facebook Page, you may still decide only to run Google , Bing advert or Facebook ad using any catchy video and then inserting your link. This will cost you few bucks but will get you audience. Google is friendlier when advertising a financial benefit program like Crowd1 unlike Facebook where you will have to apply a more advanced tricks to scale through.

Get a Facebook Page

This is essential and converting as well; to me it’s optional but very effective too. You can setup the Facebook page, share your YouTube videos and article contents on it and grow your audience daily. Customize the page putting in your link on the button side on the Fan Page such that if anyone clicks on it, it lands directly to your referral registration page or custom landing page as the case may be. You can also apply invideo to create wow videos for Your Facebook page.

Utilize your social media handles

You’ve got friends on Badoo, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin and what have you. Share videos of trending in Crowd1 on your social media walls and possibly share earnings and testimonies of your upline or even your own. Be real, not fake in any way. Several leaders got to the top interacting via their social media handle. You too can make it too if you believe in the dream and work towards achieving success with Crowd1.

BONUS #1: Here is my No.1 recommended opportunity that earns you daily income with 100% commissions all to your pocket. Email info to

Do a guest post on popular blogging platform

Yes, you can enlighten a wide internet audience via websites like Medium, Quora, Yahoo Answers and so many other guest posting sites and get quality traffic to your link. This very option has a long lasting effect to. Prepare various questions people ask regarding Crowd1 and compile it as an article to solve the problems of those searching the internet regarding Crowd1. This is super amazing with lots of results to claim as credit. The secret here is, you give quality time, quality helpful information and get signups as credit in return. Yes! You can do this to win in Crowd1.

Create a blog around Crowd1

Yes, bring out all you know and people would like to know regarding Crowd1 as a blog. It is a good niche with lots of results on the search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Creating a blog is free with (owned by Google) or WordPress Hosting site but you will need a reliable domain name. I will recommend Greengeeks as a more robust and reliable hosting company with good security reputation behind. Need a blog, email . You can have your blog setup in 72 hours time.

Create a landing page for your link

Internet affiliate gurus knows how best to catch the fish in internet marketing. They do not send traffic directly to their affiliate link, rather they create s sales funnel or landing page to capture email leads and automate the process to help grow their email list and further retarget their campaign in subsequent time. This might sound a bit technical but it is VERY COMMENDABLE approach to grow your Crowd1 business online. You need more information on this or would want to hire a guru create one for you, email .

Do Email Marketing/ Solo Ads

This is another way of marketing any brand, Crowd1 inclusive. Freelancers can assist you in this deal to get targeted audience to your link. Sending emails to your contacts can go a little way but in most cases limited and unprofessional so I will recommend Solo ads gurus – email . Solo Ads guru can blast emails upto 2 million people but can guarantee 0.001 persons to successfully join the Crowd1 team. I use this always and I am a proud manager with the Crowd1 network.

Do Bulk SMS

Yes this is also very effective just like email marketing. You observe phone users act instantly on SMS than checking of email. This is the opportunity to leverage on. Go for the best Bulk SMS portal and use it with your contact lists to blast the sms. Do a very nice, non-scamming text message to hookup your prospective members. Checkout or for instance.  Need help, email

Use the website Forums

You can get people to signup from your link when you join MLM forums or any other forums that permits Multi Level Marketing tips and ideas on how to make money online. You can see example forum as Nairaland. Drop your link on the forum signature and help to answer to questions or contributions. This will help your link to get more exposure and thus more impressions and possibly successful leads.

Help answers questions online

Join sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers and provide people with knowledgeable information on how best to make money online. This is gain you respect and in return market your link attached in your post. You can get quality leads via this section.

Try doing banner ads

Create a well designed banner of Crowd1 and share to websites looking to sponsor a business banner. Check out for example. It has larger audience on daily basis likewise News and forum websites gets lots of traffic on daily basis.

In Conclusion

I cannot exhaust the various means you can use to stand out and make it in Crowd1 business. I would not advise you to do all of them at same point in time; no, not at all. Look at the best ways to guarantee you good results, signups and apply wisdom. Some people are too shy to go public, I understand that perfectly. You can leverage on the power of the internet to still make ends meet. You can make it just believe it; but remember, if you can’t do at least 1,2,or 3 of these strategies, you are likely not to make it in Crowd1. That’s for sure. Crowd1 members think outside the box, they are smarter, they are pro marketers. A good affiliate marketer go for the best and explore other opportunities to make money online. Succeeding in Crowd1 means you can succeed in any other online business. I wish you success!

BONUS #2: Receive an automated system with your Crowd1 affiliate marketing, sending in traffic on daily basis while you earn 100% commissions all to your pocket. Email info to

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CROWD1 Review 2020? All you need to know about Impact Crowd Technology



CROWD1 Review 2020? All you need to know about Impact Crowd Technology

Crowd1 review 2020 reveals alot about Impact Crowd Technology. This comprehensive article covers A through Z of what Crowd1 really is. Please do read till the end with rapt attention to get all you need to know about Crowd1 – Impact Crowd Technology. 

This online business was officially launched in August 2019 and in June 2020 has over 7 million signup members already. Recently, in April 3, 2020, Business for Home ranked Crowd1 as No. 1 out of the top 500 fastest growing direct sales companies. See link here.

What is Crowd1?

Crowd1 also known as Impact Crowd Technology is an online digital networking platform that operates in the social, gaming and tourism sector to provide passive residual income to its members or otherwise called investors.  It is the first of its kind to combine Crowd Marketing with Online Network marketing to create a solid residual income for over 7 millions of its Members in just one year.

Crowd Impact Technology is into digital marketing with the best knowledge in Information and Communication Technology that aims at creating the world’s largest, ever active sales force to distribute mobile apps and software related services as well as core traditional value chain. They focus on using Multi-Level Marketing platform to market digital products for big companies around the globe.

Who is the Founder of Crowd1?

Jonas Eric

Jonas Eric Werner

Crowd1 was founded by a Swede Jonas Eric Werner in 2019. Jonas Werner has over 20 years of experience in the Multi-Level Marketing field and had held several leadership positions in the past.

Researching further, Jonas Werner was one of the central people in Synkronice-Springlo at the beginning of the year 2010.

Jonas Werner left Synkronice-Springlo to join another networking firm called Opn-Sitetalk. This company later grew to form a brand called Onecoin which was officially launched in 2016.

Jonas Werner left Opn-Sitetalk to focus on his project the Impact Crowd Technology. Over 20 years of network marketing made Jonas Werner a multi millionaire. Jonas lives in a house on Värmdö outside of capital Stockholm with an approximate value worth $1.4 million USD.

Who is the CEO of Crowd1?

Crowd1 CEO

Johan Staël von Holstein

The Crowd1 CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is one of the most renowned entrepreneurs in Sweden by name Johan Staël von Holstein. He is the CEO of the parent firm the Impact Crowd Technology (ICT).

Johan Staël von Holstein career began in the mid-1990s at the Kinnevik Group, and then he worked under the legendary CEO Jan Stenbeck. He is the consulting company Icon Medialab, a firm with high reputation and ambitions. During the peak of the dot-com the firm recorded over $480 million USD. Read further about Johan Staël von Holstein on Wikipedia.

How Crowd1 Works

Here is how Crowd1 works. Crowd1 idea of crowdfunding started years before it was officially registered as an online multilevel network company in January 25, 2019. Crowd1 offers online educational packages and services for shares, real estate and self-development.

As an online networking company Crowd1 partners with the gaming and entertainment industries such that when mobile users play games or book tickets online, Crowd1 members get paid as independent affiliates.

Research revealed that online gambling and gaming websites are the most rated multi-billion dollar industries in the world. In this regard, Crowd1 leverages on this potentials worth billions of dollars. Games like candy crush, mortal Kombat, PES, or online betting games are downloaded and played by several thousands of people on daily basis. Crowd1 makes profits which they share with their investors. For members to share the Crowd1 profit, the firm made provision of what is called Owner’s Right.

What is Crowd1 Owner’s Right?

Crowd1 Owner’s Right is just like company shares made available to Crowd1 members turned investors. With Crowd1 Owner’s Right, members share profits of the returns of these gaming and gambling websites.

Upon becoming a member of Crowd1, your start-up capital based on the level and package of your choice is used to automatically purchase the Crowd1 Owner’s Right for you… This also includes other bonuses attacked as an independent affiliate.

Crowd1 shares daily profit of 50% with their partners in gaming, gambling and booking industries. Crowd1 aims at partnering with more international companies in the future.

Crowd1 50% accumulated from the respective partner firms shares 80% as payment to its members whereas 20% is reserved for the Crowd1 firm upkeep.

Who can join Crowd1?

Any adult of legal age can register as an independent affiliate with Crowd1. There is no country restriction unlike several other websites that may absolve only people in the first tier countries (example UK, US, Canada and Australia). Regardless of the region you are in the world, you can join Crowd1 network.

How to join Crowd1

Registration is free for everyone. Meanwhile, in other to join Crowd1 and become a member, you must have a sponsor link or username to register with.

Simply click on this link to fill out the form and signup. After successful signup, Crowd1 sends you a welcome message for you to activate your account. Kindly check your email to confirm and then complete registration by choosing a package you can afford. The higher the package, the better compensation you will get. Need help to activating your Crowd1 package WhatsApp this line.

Upon completing the registration form, you are to purchase the educational Package according to the levels; White, Black, Gold and Titanium. You are only considered full member of Crowd1 when you must have bought a package. With the purchased package, the member gains access to all the Crowd1 bonuses, access to the educational centre and the Crowd1 Rewards.

N.B.  Opening multiple accounts is highly prohibited; thus, one member is entitled to one account. Activating your package is the only way you enjoy the Crowd1 packages and bonuses. You register with a sponsored link of an upline who will put you through and how best to go about this business to succeed. Also note that the name you are using in Crowd1 should tally with the name on your identity documents for KYC approval used during your payment. In case you have made this mistake, kindly update your profile before attempting KYC.

Click the button below to Signup!

How to Earn in Crowd1

Here are the packages to choose after successful registration:

€99 (White)

€299 (Black)

€799 (Gold)

€2,499 (Titanium)

Crowd1 Payment Methods

Crowd1 mode of payment is either through Visa Card, Bitcoin or via Gift Code. Preferably Gift Code and Bitcoin are highly recommended.

Gift Code is the easiest way of payment whereby your direct sponsor or the person who referred you to Crowd1, generates a code to be used in buying a package for you; whereas the sponsored pays the sponsor in their best agreed payment option.

Bitcoin is the leading coin and safe mode of payment in the crypto currency world. This is more unique to those who operate with crypto currency as their default means of payment online.

The Crowd1 3 Major Anchors include the followings:

  1. Online Gaming and Entertainment Industry
  2. Investment Aspect (Crowd1 Rewards)
  3. The Network Marketing Affiliate System.

Crowd1 has the most generous Compensation Plan in the online sphere and an infinite Binary System.

Active and Passive members of Crowd1

Every member of the Crowd1 network is regarded as an Independent Affiliate. A member may decide to either be an active or a passive member of Crowd1.

If you choose to signup for a package and only share profit with the Crowd1 firm by claiming your rewards on weekly basis and other bonuses, then you remain a passive member. Passive members are not interested in referring people to join the Crowd1 network. What it means is that they only wait to share the quarterly dividends from their accumulated Crowd1 rewards.

On the other hand, Active affiliate members go extra mile to campaign for Crowd1 network using their personal affiliate links to refer more members to join. Active members grow the network and thus earn more commissions each time they refer people to join Crowd1. Thus, all Crowd1 affiliate members have zero percent chance of not making money online with the Crowd1 platform.

In summary, this section answers the usual questions prospective members ask; which is if someone can join the Crowd1 business without referring anybody. Now you can answer that perfectly well.

Which product do Crowd1 sell?

There are two different types of products sold online; the physical products and the digital products. Crowd1 like any other Network Marketing firm sells digital products to make money. Big companies like Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google make their money while leveraging on digital marketing.

In this case, you don’t need to walk to someone’s office or have your goods delivered by a courier service before you get them. Crowd1 business is done via your mobile phone connected to the internet and that’s all you need.

Crowd1 system was designed in a way that members make money sharing in the profits of digital products like gaming, gambling and ticketing services. This thus, creates residual and passive income to its members paid instantly and also via Crowd1 Reward Quarterly Dividends.

Crowd1 Brands and Partners

Crowd1 has its brands and also partner with the gaming, gambling and entertainment industries. Crowd1 also incorporate e-learning firm as well as the booking firms. More digital products are expected to be added in the Crowd1 network in the future.

Here are some of the Crowd1 digital products:

  • AFFILGO (Gambling Industry)
  • MIGGSTAR (Gaming Firm)
  • EPIC 1LOTO (Gaming Company)
  • LIFE TRNDS (Hotel and Flight Booking Firm)

Crowd1 payment with its members comes from just 3 Products line namely, Affilgo, Epic Loto, Mygrithub and mostly recently the life Trnd. Many products are coming in.

Crowd1 tend to grow partnering with high reputable international firms that deal on digital products.

The good news is that each of these firms share 50% of their monthly Profits with Crowd1 and which Crowd1 pays out 40% to its Active members as weekly and monthly Residual and generally share 40% to both Active and Passive independent affiliate members as Crowd1 Reward Dividends on Quarterly basis.

Crowd1 Packages, Rewards and Costs

Below are Crowd1 Packages

The White Package

Crowd1 rewards its members to just buying any of the packages. Buy a package today and receive the Crowd1 Reward and profit shares alongside with the Educational Package.

Get profit share worth €100 when you purchase the White package worth €99. An additional bonus called the streamline bonus worth €2.50 up to €10 is rewarded. Members on this level earn a residual bonus of 5% of the Crowd1 monthly profit.

Limitation of the White Package

The White Package will only take you to level 4 and not beyond. Be mindful that you have more people who have joined Crowd1 after you.

 The Black Package

Get profit share worth €300 and a once-off Streamline bonus.  Get also a weekly pay of €2.5 up to €75, with a Residual bonus 5% of company as monthly profit; when you buy Black worth €299.

Limitation of the Black Package

The Black package will only take you up to level 8 and not further. Hence you have more independent affiliates who have joined Crowd1 after you.

 The Gold Package

Get Profit share worth €1000, and a once-off Streamline bonus weekly of €2.50 up to €250, with a Residual income 10% of company monthly profit when you buy Gold worth €799.

Limitation of the Gold Package

Gold will only take you to level 12 and not beyond. Hence you have more independent affiliate members who have joined Crowd1 after you.

The Titanium Package

Get profit share worth €3000, once-off Streamline bonus weekly of €2.50 up to €1000, and a Residual income 10% of company monthly profit when you buy Titanium worth €2499.

Titanuim Package has not limitation

Titanium is the only Pack to take you to 15/15 provided you personally sponsored 15 people.

Crowd1 Package Cost

Crowd1 Binary Points

Every Crowd1 Package has a binary point. This point is needed to advance into another level in the Crowd1 network. 10 binary points is equal to €1. Whenever you earn binary points you have equally earn binary bonus or rather a potential bonus.

See below the points available in all Crowd1 packages

White Package: 90 Binary Points = €9 Binary bonus.

Black Package: 270 Binary Points = €27 Binary bonus

Gold Package: 720 Binary Points = €72 Binary bonus

Titanium Package: 2250 Binary Points = €225 Binary bonus

Watch Crowd1 CEO speaking


The Crowd1 Package Sales Bonus

Active Independent Affiliates/ members make huge commissions selling the Crowd1 package to their friends and family. Every package has a binary reward attached to it. Interestingly, these rewards/ commissions are withrawable and instantly. The reason is very obvious that as an active member, you are helping the network to grow and thus getting reward for it. You earn weekly and monthly residual income paid on 15th of every month.

See a similar explanation of your reward as an active member:

  • Sell white package and get €9
  • Sell Black package and get €27
  • Sell Gold package and get €72
  • Sell Titanium package and get €225

Various ways you make money in Crowd1

Getting instant pay with Crowd1 simply means you advertise the company with your referral link. Social media influencers with huge followers are at a very big advantage of referring their fans to join the Crowd1 network. Team leaders of companies, organizations, and religious group can as well leverage the opportunity.

Reaching out to such people with great fans to convince them to signup with your referral link will be a good advantage as well. Crowd1 quick payment is directly leveraging on the crowd.

So you can invite your friends and families to join your lane, share resources and presentation documents and videos about the Crowd1 network with them and possibly register them to earn higher commissions as an active independent Affiliate member. But remember, having multiple accounts is prohibited; one member to one account is allowed.

See full details on How to Earn in Crowd1

Crowd1 Fear of Loss Bonus

Crowd1 has this ambition of challenging its members to take action of registering four (4) downliners within 14 days of their registration and get rewarded. It is called the Crowd1 fear of Loss Bonus. With the Crowd1 fear of Loss bonus, you get back instantly the cash with which you used for your registration.

Here is how to get Fear of Loss Bonus

Upon successful signup and purchase of Crowd1 package, a member is given a 14 days period to get rewarded for signing up additional four (4) members regardless of the packages they purchased while signing up with Crowd1. It is indeed a challenge to all new members.

Here is what you earn for Crowd1 fear of loss bonus

You earn €125 if you recruit 4 white packages

You earn €375 if you recruit 4 Black packages

You earn €1000 if you recruit 4 Gold packages

You earn €3000 if you recruit 4 Titanium packages

If eventually you recruit a mixture of white and black packages say for instance 2 whites and 2 black packages, the least package which is white lowest bonus €125 is paid as compensation on the 14th day of your registration.

You can go far with the fear of loss bonus when you use this amazing motivating bonus to get a good start of your Crowd1 business! Repeating the same step by telling your four (4) downlines to take advantage of the fear of loss bonus would boost your network level in Crowd1.

Crowd1 Reward

Just like buying shares from a company like Amazon, eBay, Coca-Cola, Google and Facebook; Crowd1 rewards its members with shares as return for investment. Owning a Crowd1 Reward is virtually equal to owing a share with one of the biggest companies in the world.

Crowd1 Reward is a term used instead of shares in Crowd1 network. Corwd1 members are given certain values of Crowd1 Reward immediately after signup. This reward points are claimed by the members on weekly basis, Wednesday to be précised with or without recruiting just the same pattern with the Streamline Bonus.  What this actually means is that members worldwide get dividends as reward from all the profit shares of Crowd1 quarterly.

Members’ shares as dividends increase as their Crowd1 Reward points increases.  It might interest you to know that the Crowd1 Reward is actually the life of the Crowd1 network. The C1 reward has a monetary value that appreciates over a period of time just like the crypto currency. What is further means is that you can liquidate the reward bonus as time goes on. Take for instance, the C1 Rewards was valued   €0.76 few months ago and in June 2020 is valued €2. And so it keeps going up and up every single day.

Crowd1 Weekly Reward Points

Claim your weekly Crowd1 Reward which goes to increase your profit share or Crowd1 Reward, this we cannot withdraw to bank week to week but are accumulated pending when the Crowd1 Rewards exchange would open which would enable members to trade the Rewards, buy and sell their Rewards within the Crowd1 exchange.

How to Qualify for Binary Bonus

To qualify for the binary bonus in Crowd1, a member must have a minimum of two (2) referred affiliates to balance the left and the right leg.

Just like a tripod stand which balances on ground, the same is applicable here for a binary bonus to be activated. It must be 1 person placed on the right leg and another on the left leg, any other referred members can either be on the right or the left leg. Helping your team to grow is the ideology to make it in Crowd1. A team with a good leader would always help its downline to grow as well in other to earn alongside with them.

Try buying any package today and upgrade later. Signup HERE!

How to Qualify for Monthly Residual Payment

Monthly residual payment is reserved for active members who have built their network starting from members rank of level 1 and above. Payments are due for withdrawal every 15th of the month. Crowd1 has paid active members for the month of June on the 15th. Meanwhile, passive members are not included in this category but they get paid quarterly. The monthly payment is depending on the efforts and activities of active members within 30 days period.

Crowd1 in the era of global pandemic

Several businesses dealing with physical products ran huge loss in services. Several companies shutting down as a result of the dreaded COVID-19 but Crowd1 was most favourable selling its digital products without being affected by the novel virus. It is high time we think outside the box and embrace the future trend of business. Think Crowd1 where impossible is nothing!

Watch the video below.

Crowd1 Bonus System Guide

Crowd1 serves all our associates with a world-class mix of amazing bonus systems built to suit your individual goals, whatever they might be.

Below are available bonuses for all Crowd1 members irrespective of the package you join with you stand to benefit all bonuses. Any of the bonuses is capable of making you a millionaire if you understand it proper, I have never seen a bonus system like this before.

Binary Bonus

  • Streamline bonus
  • Matching bonus
  • Potential bonus
  • Fear of loss bonus
  • Game residual bonus
  • Network level bonus

Crowd1 Streamline Bonus

Crowd1 seems to be the only online network marketing company that pays its members even if you get stuck in network level. What this simply means it that you can earn money as members worldwide join Crowd1 after you. This is called Crowd1 Streamline Bonus. This bonus is instantly credited to your wallet upon purchasing a package during registration.

Remember, signup is absolutely free but purchasing a package has prices tagged to them. We have got all the promotional tools to further assist you signup today. Go ahead and register and we shall assist you grow your Crowd1 network.

Join Crowd1 now, use the link below, Register your free account with the link below to buy Crowd1 Package.

You can reach me on via WhatsApp for more information.

12 Attractive Reasons I Love Crowd1 For 

  • No selling of Physical products
  • No Monthly Target
  • No loosing of Points
  • No Monthly Target
  • No reoccurring buying, we are all building one global network
  • Points translate into Cash in Euros
  • Points are accumulative for life towards level advancement
  • Both Upline and Downline contribute to your earnings.
  • Offers Six (6) Income Bonuses
  • You start earning from the week you joined
  • Profit shares Increase in value steadily
  • With or without recruiting, you claim Euro weekly as a member
  • Your streamline bonus accumulates as soon as you register, and even before you make payment, as people join Crowd1 after you worldwide to claim profit shares weekly once you pay for package.

Crowd1 Member Testimony

Watch these few videos on Crowd1 success story by affiliate members:

N.B. Attention is only given to yet to register members and downlines.

Team work pays. We are ever ready to help you succeed in Crowd1.

Become a new team member today and get promotional materials and videos to grow your network. Signup HERE!

Needing Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) and overview of the Crowd1 network visit

You can reach me on via WhatsApp for more information.

Today is your chance to join Crowd1. The opportunity might not be there for you to become a share holder with this multi-million dollar company.

Serious and yet to register members only should CLICK HERE to Chat me up on WhatsApp for more information… Get your friends ready to start in this amazing opportunity offered by Crowd1.

See you on the inside.

P.S. If you have learned from this review regarding Crowd1, please kindly share to your social media platforms.

Should there be any question or suggestion, leave a comment below and we shall gladly respond to it.

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How to Earn in Crowd1 (Explained)



How to Earn in Crowd1 (Explained)

This detailed post breaks it down how you can earn in Crowd1 but before we do that, let me briefly intimate you on what this trending digital marketing platform is all about.

What is Crowd1

Crowd1 is a multi-level marketing platform that shares their revenue with its members also known as independent affiliates. Crowd1 officially started in August 2019 and in just July 2020 has about 6 million registered members. Crowd1 is at its Pre-Launch stage and offering opportunities to affiliates who would be their potential beneficiary of its revenue sharing upon launching into stock exchange.

How to Earn in Crowd1

Back to the key thing, Crowd1 has packages lined up for members to benefit from the network. Here is how to earn in Crowd1 as fully explained.

There are 6 major ways members earn money in Crowd1 and these are further explained below:

Crowd1 Streamline Bonus:

In Cowd1 Streamline Bonus, members get paid to signup and further activate his/her account. The Streamline bonus is the only bonus paid to members of Crowd1 without its members recruiting other members as downlines. Moreover, the Crowd1 Streamline bonus increases when a member start recruiting downlines. The Streamline Bonus ranges from level 1 to 15. New members are placed on level one whereas active uplines step up the level. Streamline Bonuses are credited to members wallet on weekly basis, Wednesday to be precise. Crowd1 Streamline Bonus begins with the least which is €1.25 for beginners every week and then increases as the member climbs up the level.

Crowd1 Fear of Loss:

Crowd1 offers special bonus worth upto €3,000  to members who register and were able to register additional four persons within 14 days period. Members are advised to always have the legs distributed in the ratio of 3 is to 1 to balance the binary level. Referring four 4 members automatically qualify a member for the fear of loss bonus. This bonus will depend on the package the member purchased and the package the referred members also purchased.

See below for further explanation:

When you invite 4 White Members you earn €125 ($137.80).
When you invite 4 Black Members you earn €375 ($413.39).
When you invite 4 Gold Members you earn €1,000 ($1,102.37)
When you invite 4 Titanium Members you earn €3,000 ($3,307.10)

Please note that if there is a combination of packages; let’s assume 2 White and 2 Black, the bonus you will earn is €125.  Assuming also if the 2 white package members upgrade to the black package within the 14 days period given, then the remaining bonus is paid to you on the Black Package category. Unfortunately if a member cannot register four members in a space of 14 day, then automatically the member is disqualified from the fear of loss bonus even though there are other bonus still pending to be claimed.


Crowd1 Binary Bonus:

The Crowd1 Binary Bonus is the easiest and the fastest paying bonus which a member gets each time he refers a new member to Crowd1. This is where members are becoming millionaires in just two weeks to one month or more depending on the members’ activities. The Crowd1 Binary Bonus works perfect well when a member is active and recruiting new members. Social media influencers do better in this expect when they influence their followers to signup and become a member of Crowd1. Let me further emphasize that Crowd1 Binary Bonus is credited to the member’s account wallet each time a new member registers in the Crowd1 platform.

Crowd1 Binary Bonus is credited instantly and can be withdrawable same moment. But here is what you need to know further about the Crowd1 Binary Bonus, different from other Binary system, Crowd1 rewards you on both legs by that the strong and the weak legs. Here you have nothing to miss in Crowd1 Binary Bonus. The Crowd1 Binary Bonus is calculated as Business/ Binary Points and further converted into Euro (Cash) and is made withdrawable.

So anytime someone signup under an active member either directly or indirectly, which is also known as spillovers, the member who is an upliner gets rewarded with points. Meanwhile, these points vary depending on the package the upliner registered with or upgraded to.

For Crowd1 Binary Bonus,1 Point is equal to $0.10

See below the number of points each Active Referral gives a member according to the levels or packages:
90 Points for the Crowd1 White Package
270 Points for the Crowd1 Black Package
720 Points for the Crowd1 Gold Package
2,250 Points for the Crowd1 Titanium Package

Below also is what you earn as Crowd1 Binary Bonus for each Active Referral, when we consider a point is worth $0.10:
Crowd1 White Package = €9 ($9.92)
Crowd1 Black Package = €27 ($29.76)
Crowd1 Gold Package = €72 ($79.37)
Crowd1 Titanium Package = €225 ($248.03)

What is the Crowd1 20% And 80% Binary Bonus Division?

Let us explain further on the Crowd1 20% and 80% Binary Bonus Division. We are going to use the least package which is the White Package to give an example. Assuming a member has four (4) active downlines Using the White Package as an example; the member earns a total point of be 360 (90 x 4), which amounts to €36 (360 x $0.10). Whereas the member’s total points of 20% of the €36 which is €7.20 is regarded as the Owner Rights, 80% which is €28.80 is credited into the member’s wallet as Account Balance.


Crowd1 Matching Bonus:

Crowd1 Matching Bonus works in a way such that members enjoy 10% of whatever money their direct downlines earn. It’s that simple. For an instance, when a downline to a member earns  €1,000, the member earns €100 and this is infinity width and deep till the 5th generation of downlines.


Crowd1 Network Levels:

The points members accumulate from Crowd1 Binary Bonus help them to move from one level or rank to another bigger level thus attracting more money to them.
Each new level gives the user member access to a higher Gaming residual income.

Level 8 members will be invited to a luxury VIP Cruise!

Now here is the point breakdown:

Crowd1 Starter (S) = 0-499 Points will give you 5% Residual Income
Crowd1 Team Leader (T) = 500-2,500 Points will give you 5% Residual Income
Crowd1 Co-ordinator (C) = 5,000-25,000 Points will give you 5% Residual Income
Crowd1 Manager (M) = 50,000-250,000 Points will give you 5% Residual Income
Crowd1 Director (B) = 500,000-2,500,000 Points will give you 10% Residual Income
Crowd1 President (P) = 5,000,000-25,000,000 Points will give you 10% Residual Income


Crowd1 Affiliate Residuals Income:

Crowd1 rewards its members with cash as monthly income. Crowd1 organizes live Webinars daily for prospective members and already registered members. Members are to download the Zoom App and be ready to join in the conversation based on the region and the time zone for the webinar.

You can join the Crowd1 network via this link below:

How to Earn in Crowd1

Further enquiries should contact via WhatApp

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Henry David (Writter) is an Independent Affiliate with Crowd1.


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