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Dying mum confesses affair with randy Pastor …who ravished daughter too



Gone are her proud, defiant looks, strong, confident voice and springy walk. Also gone are the bouncing buttocks and hips she wiggles at will to show her beauty and supremacy. What is left now is a sick, skinny, bony and broken woman –  a shadow of her old self.

2crimeMrs Angela (surname withheld) is afflicted with an aggressive breast cancer. But that’s not all. The 44 year-old, Mbaise-born, mother of six is caught in a web of adultery and child abuse, involving herself, Pastor Wisdom Macdonald and her 15-year-old daughter.

Now repentant and visibly dying, the former teacher claimed she was bewitched by the Enugu-born Pastor Macdonald who is said to have occultic powers and owns a church -Fresh Oil Assembly –along MCC – Uratta road.

Pastor Macdonald, a married father of eight, was in police custody at the time of filing this story. It was his second arrest since April, when the story of his unholy relationship with the woman he was supposed to be “healing” of breast cancer broke.

In an emotional Interview with The Leader, Mrs Angela confessed to a three-year old, dirty and diabolical, sexual affair with Pastor Macdonald, Monday evening, at the church premises, surrounded by sympathizers from her community.

The anguished and broken wife of Mr Sylvester, a police officer, said she had returned to  Macdonald’s church to ask him to reverse an evil covenant they made at the beginning of their relationship.

“What I came here to do now is to confess. Pastor Macdonald said if I tell the truth I will die but the doctor treating me now who is also a pastor said I should tell the truth even if I die. But I will not die. I believed I would die when I was under his influence but am not anymore,” she said, coughing and occasionally gasping for breath.

Mrs Angela’s story was first published in The Leader  on April 27, as told by her husband. She denied the affair then but has now let the cat out of the bag and revealed a satanic love triangle, with Pastor Macdonald, a man popularly known as “a walking mortar” in his native home, at the centre. The name is indicative of his satanic powers.

“One day, he called me on the phone and said God wanted us to work for him. I told him I will like to work for God, there’s nothing wrong with it. He told me God is looking for someone who can keep a secret. He said he will be having sex with me,” she said in distress.

“I told him that I have not messed up since I got married 14 years ago and he told me it’s better for me to obey God than man. Then he asked me to go and buy bread and a coke. He said some prayers with a Jerusalem Bible, and told me I cannot sleep with another man except himself and my husband.”

Pastor Macdonald was then owner of Kings Church at another location, but in the same community where the current one is. According to the woman, when the rented property was sold, Mrs Angela and her husband accommodated Pastor Macdonald in their own home, in a neighouring community

That was when the story took a new turn as her cancer ailment began to seriously bother her.

“Even while living with us, from time to time he will ask me to sleep with him. I said ‘no we can be caught – this is my husband’s house. I will not like it.’ At that time I had done breast surgery and the doctor told me the lump could grow back in six months. But the Pastor told me that if it grew back that he will do a healing school for me – to cure it,” she recalled.

“He said we should bring N100,000.  Fifty thousand is for the healing school and the rest for him in case the healing didn’t work and he needed to perform surgery to get rid of the lump. Me and my husband ran around and collected N100,000 and gave him.”

The lump grew back as predicted but Pastor Macdonald assured her he was equal to the task.

“He told me that his covenant with God is that anyone he had a blood covenant with will not die no matter the sickness. Even if the person dies, he will raise her back to life.”

Since the woman was not too strong to fulfill her sexual obligation regularly, Pastor Macdonald  suggested that her young daughter took her place as a sex provider, since, as she put it, ‘they were of the same blood’.

But the mother had to convince her daughter first.

“He persuaded me so I convinced my daughter to do whatever the pastor asked her to do. She refused initially. It took a while for my daughter to agree. I told her she is doing it to save me. And then one day, the pastor called me and showed me his blood-stained white short knicker and informed me that he has disvirgined my daughter.”

That was how the innocent girl, then 13, was dragged into the dirty deal and got entangled in a relationship with a man her father’s age. Pastor Macdonald didn’t waste time in frightening and caging her with a so-called covenant.

“My daughter told me he called her a day while in our house, evoked a small coffin and fire and said he has used that to engage her. He told her that  she will die if she does not marry him,” the woman added.

While the interview was going on and Mrs. Angela and her friends were urging Macdonald to reverse the covenant they made, her daughter was locked up in the Pastor’s “batcher” room while he feigned ignorance of her whereabouts.

It, however, took the police to force the Pastor child molester to open the door and let the girl out.  She came out dressed in a body-hugging black dress and tried to run away but was restrained by her dad and uncle. She was later driven to the police station with the pastor.

Mrs Angela who lived at the Pastor’s church for a year with her daughter, said she followed Macdonald to his new location after her husband gave him a quit notice from the uncompleted building he was occupying in their own home.

“He and my husband had a disagreement and my husband asked him to vacate his house. He found this place and I also moved over to commence my healing school,” said the woman who took her oldest daughter along, ostensibly to “help” her while the rest of her children stayed at home with their beleaguered dad.

Family and friends visited Mrs Angela at the church in sympathy and support, bringing gifts and money, while hoping and praying that her recovery would be quick. But the whole thing was a sham for she was only a sex toy for the randy Macdonald despite her  pitiable condition.

“Sometimes, I will be in crisis in the midnight and he will say he has come to do prayer cover for me. When he comes he will not even do any prayer, he will only want to lie with me. Whenever I object, he will bring a scripture to support himself. It continued until my husband got tired and started to fight as he did in April,” she said.

Then Mrs Angela noticed that she and her daughter were not the only sex slaves in the church; Macdonald had a harem of loyal women in his control.

“The pastor told me that it’s only me or his wife that he could sleep with, I found to my shock that he was sleeping with every Dick and Harry. I confronted him and he told me that God didn’t say so, that he said it to get what he wanted and I was mad. I called my daughter and told her I don’t want her to continue with the Pastor but at that time my daughter was no longer herself. Anything I say, she will tell the pastor.”

When her husband became suspicious and started to press for her release and the refund of the N100,000 healing fees he paid Macdonald, Mr Sylvester did not get the co-operation of his wife or daughter. Both denied.

Mrs Angela said, however, that she had earlier confessed to her husband when he confronted her with a revelation he said he had. But she lied when they got to the police because she too felt betrayed.

“My anger was that I told my husband the truth on a  Saturday morning and on Sunday he went to Mbaise and fetched my brother and my brother in law. I was annoyed because he told me he’d forgive me. That’s why I denied it all. As things stand now, it’s better for me to confess even if I die I will know where I am going,” she said boldly.

Summoning more courage, she advised her fellow women to beware of fake pastors.

“I am telling my fellow women and everybody to be careful. It’s good to pray to God but be careful. I trusted this man to a fault.  Even these things that happened, I can’t even tell when  I did them.”

Breathing a sigh of relief, she added: “I feel as if a big load has been removed from my chest.”

Only God can tell whether Mrs Angela will live or not although her condition has awfully deteriorated. If she lives, it will be  a totally new life and if she dies, she can rest assured she has told the truth and, according to the Bible, the truth can set her free.

But what happens to her young, traumatized and abused daughter? Luckily, she has tested negative to HIV-AIDS, to her father’s relief. She is still a child under the law and must be protected. She has not been in school for a couple of months and is probably too scared or ashamed to return.  What cause of action is open to abused children like herself?

And finally, what happens to the randy pastor and child molester Wisdom Macdonald? Yes, he has been arrested by police twice and asked to refund Mr. Sylvester’s money, but is that all? Will he be allowed to walk free, continue his church, his deception and his child abuse?

When asked to respond to the story against him, Pastor Macdonald declined.



USAID begins Covid-19 testing in Imo rural areas



USAID averts 25,000 unwanted pregnancies in Ebonyi, Kogi

…Umuagwo Varsity of Agric kicks-off October

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has begun Covid-19 testing in the 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State, “in a bid to reduce the impact of community spread of the virus in the rural areas of the state.

The Imo State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Chief Declan Mbadiwe Emelumba disclosed this in Owerri while briefing newsmen on the outcome of the Weekly Executive Council meeting presided over by Governor Hope Uzodimma on Wednesday.

Chief Emelumba said so far, the USAID officials have carried out reasonable number of testing in Njaba LGA and reported that all those tested came out negative and that the council prayed that the result from other Local Government Areas will be the same.

He announced that the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC) has approved the take off of the Imo State University for Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Umuagwo in October this year.

According to him, the approval underscores the efforts which the Imo State Government ably led by Governor Hope Uzodinma has made towards the establishment of a second university for the state.

Recently, the NUC panel was in Imo State to carry out the necessary verification exercises on the state facilities, human and physical infrastructures.

Mr. Declan Emelumba, who was flanked by the Commissioner for Education, Prof. Bernard Ikegwuoha, Commissioner for Health Dr. Damaris Osunkwo and the Chief Press Secretary/Media Adviser to the Governor Mr. Oguwike Nwachuku, informed that the Executive Council is happy that something new is happening in the Education Sector of the State.

Emelumba said that the Imo State University of Science and Environmental Sciences, Umuagwo will take off by October when other universities would be resuming for a new academic session.

In the same vein, the Council has approved the immediate relocation of Faculty of Engineering Imo State University Owerri to its permanent site at Okigwe, stressing that Government has put all processes and facilities on ground to ensure the immediate take–off of the faculty.

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Imo Governor’s aide visits Oziza FM Staff, Ogechi Iwu in hospital



Imo Governor’s aide visits Oziza FM  Staff, Ogechi Iwu in hospital

The Chief Press Secretary and Media Adviser to Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, Mr. Oguwike Nwachuku has visited Mr. Ogechi Iwu, a journalist with Osiza FM.

The media man is hospitalized at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Owerri over complications from diabetes that led to his right leg being amputated.

Mr. Nwachuku said the visit was to show solidarity on behalf of Governor Uzodimma to his professional colleague, assuring him of their prayers, particularly that of his principal, and the prayers of Mr. Iwu’s numerous friends and well wishers who are touched by his plight.

“I am here on behalf of my principal to associate with him in this time of health challenge and to encourage him not to see the sickness as a death sentence.”

Oge Iwu at fmc

L-R: Chief Akaraonye, Mr. Oguwike Nwachuku with Ogechi Iwu during the visit

Mr. Nwachuku urged Mr. Iwu to continue in the high spirit he saw him and trust God for his total recovery “because healing is a thing of mind and when a sick person is in high spirit the patient gets recovered quickly.”

The spokesman of the Governor promised to bring the plight of the journalist to the attention of his principal, and assured that the Governor will, in his usual manner of one with milk of human sympathy, show concern over Iwu’s plight.

Earlier, Mr. Iwu thanked the CPS/Media Adviser, the State Chairman of NUJ, Imo State, Chief Christopher Akaraonye and other journalists who were on the entourage, for coming to identify with him on his sick bed, and assured that God in his infinite mercy will quicken his recovery.

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Bishop Ugorji heads IMSU Governing Council



Bishop Ugorji heads IMSU Governing Council

Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma has inaugurated a new Governing Council, for the Imo State University, IMSU, Owerri.

At the inauguration ceremony on Monday, August 31, the governor named Most Rev. Lucius Ugorji as the Chairman of the Governing Council and Pro-Chancellor of the University.

Other members of the Council include: Chief Leo Stan Ekeh, Chief Tony Ezenna, Prof. (Ven.) Chinedu Nebo, Sir. Louis Ezeigwe, Chief Engr. Ernest Nwapa, Dr. (Mrs.) Uwandu Uzoma, Ugoeze Victoria Adaku Ekezie, Prof. Adaobi Obasi (Vice Chancellor) and others.

Speaking at the inauguration, Governor Uzodimma said the choice of the members is to infuse fresh air into the university because “It is in dire need to bounce back to reckoning.”
He added that the choice of the members was because they have carved a niche for themselves in their chosen fields of endeavour and that they have earned solid reputation as men and women of substance in their individual trade, indices that qualified them for the appointment.

He challenged the members to bring their reputation to bear on the University, bearing in mind the task for good quality scholarship in Imo State University as well as service to humanity.

The Governor urged the members to deploy their individual accomplishments, excellence, expertise, passion for service as effectively as necessary to actualize the dream of his administration of having a highly reputable University comparable to the best Universities in the World.

He also requested the Council to “restore in words and deeds the motto of Imo State University, which is Excellence in Service”.

“Imo State University currently is a classical example of a failed University,” Governor Uzodimma said but strongly believed that “with a star studded Governing Council such as the one inaugurated there is no doubt that Imo is on the track to realize the dreams of her founding fathers.”

He further enjoined the Council members to quickly hit the ground running and come up with policies and programmes that will reassure Imo people that the University that made them proud 20 years back is on track as he assured them of Government partnership in this regard.

In an acceptance speech, on behalf of the Council, the Chairman, Most Rev. Ugorji who is the Catholic Bishop of Umuahia thanked the Governor for the absolute confidence reposed in them by giving them the assignment and acknowledged that though the task is daunting he has a strong belief that with the calibre of members of the Council and support of the management, staff and students the University will be returned to a centre of excellence which was the dream of the founding fathers.

He said that Imo State University deserves the best and that he and his members as inaugurated will work acidulously to ensure that the target of the governor in making Imo State University one of the best universities in Africa is realised.

He congratulated fellow members and promised that God’s willing, they will not fail the government and people of Imo State.

Present at the inauguration were the Deputy Governor, Prof. Placid Njoku, the Speaker Imo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Chiji Collins, the Secretary to the State Government, Chief Cosmas Iwu, and other members of the expanded State Executive Council.

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