Christ, our universal king, we the members of the HORICOL family have come once again, prostrate at your feet to acknowledge you as the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, and the universal king. We have come to offer ourselves in thanksgiving for all you have done in our great and noble institution, and to plead for forgiveness of sins and redemption.
In a general context, our principal, Reverend Sister Ernestina Jovita Edoziem has succeeded in giving the school a make-over, a total transformation in which we now have more comfortable and brightly-coloured hostels, classrooms and laboratories all with almaco windows and nets to prevent mosquitoes and other insects-vectors of diseases. The installation of the new water systems now being certified safe for drinking. Our disposal area which used to be an eyesore and a breeding ground for all kinds of parasites is now concealed behind a wooden wall making the environment neater. Our library and computer lab have also been refurnished and equipped with new books, desktops and laptops to aid our academic pursuit. Our monstrance-shaped Chapel which by this time last year, was still at the phase of screeding is now a state of the art “Mini-cathedral” with glorious pews, magnificent pillars, well painted doors and walls and a very unique beautiful sanctuary with marbled altar, pulpit and ralings.

Our Grotto which was built as the replica of the Holy Rosary with a beautiful blend of brick walls and marble tiles and interlocked floors with seats made to enable comfort, was blessed by our Proprietor, His Grace, Most Reverend Anthony John Valentine Obinna on the 21st of March, 2018.

Spiritually, through our monumental Chapel and glorious Grotto, the HORICOL family has learnt to be more serious with our spiritual life, more devoted and more responsible in our dealings with you, our King. For this, we glorify and magnify your name.

Christ our King, we thank you for the grace and gift of creativity, excellence and perseverance granted upon our Class of 2018. It was with joy in our hearts that we celebrated those 80 Stalwarts, who excelled in academics. They all passed their external examinations in flying colours. In spirituality, they never gave up on you, and in character, you bestowed on them all the values they needed to be women of prestigious quality. They were and are indeed creative minds with hearts of gold.

Presently, over 80% of them have gotten admission into the higher institutions to study their chosen courses. For them, we thank you our King.Our students who participated in one external competition or the other excelled and did brilliantly well. Once again, our victorious basketball team did it last year and they returned with an award of Fair Play from the equatorial conference match held in Benin after winning the State Championship.

Our students who went to the Nigerian French Language village, Badagry for a week of learning, interaction and competitions returned with 2nd position in all the national activities they participated in. Also, our students played prominent roles as ambassadors to speak and defend uprightly at the 2018 NISSMUN Conference held in Abuja with the theme “Eliminating Acts of Intolerance and Hate Crimes in the Society.” They successfully retuned with prizes and as more sophisticated ladies of grace. On the 15th of November, 2018, our students who represented the school as great and confident speakers at the NTA Ambassadors Debate did exceptionally well and came first. Our King, we praise your name.
At the beginning of this academic year, we welcomed about 168 new students into JS1 and SS1 classes who came from different parts of the country and from overseas. Our King, we plead that these students will be dutiful, courageous and spiritually fit to be able to uphold the rules, norms and laws guiding this institution as a family.

We also thank you for the successful marriages of three members of our staff. We pray that you bless their marriages, protect their homes and mercifully grant them the zeal to hold their families together and raise up children of reputable character.

Christ our King, we thank you for HORICOL’s continuous work of training girls to become women of prestigious quality. Presently, in addition to our principal, Chaplain and members of staff, tutorial and non-tutorial, we welcomed three more Religious Sisters to help in the formation and grooming of prestigious women of grace, of discipline, poise and intelligence.

Christ our King, the Saviour and redeemer of the world, king of the universe, save us from the hands of the evil one, guide us under your wing, protect our homes, our families and give us your sanctifying grace. Grant peace to this family, grant excellent performance to this family, purify our hearts and make us your instruments of peace.

We adore you, Christ our King, we glorify you, Christ our King, we praise you, Christ our King, we bless you, Christ our King, and we thank you, Christ the universal king, THE KING WHOSE KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD.


Anozie Jennifer Chiamaka
Senior Prefect
25th November, 2018-Feast of Christ the King

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