February 16 elections: Come out and vote, please!

INEC-beginsFebruary 16 elections: Come out and vote, please!-recruitment-ahead-of-2019-election

The long journey to February 16 elections, 2019 is almost at an end. The general election is now six days away. On Saturday, Nigerians will go to the polls to elect a president and members of the National Assembly, who will preside over the affairs of our troubled nation for another four years.

General Election is a serious business in any country because it is the hallmark of Democracy. Every potential voter should, therefore, go out to vote. We must know that our responsibility does not end with collecting a  PVC. The Permanent Voter’s Card is meant to be used to exercise your right to decide who rules Nigeria. With the PVC, the power lies in your hands – power to select or reject a politician, serving or aspiring to serve. Nothing should be allowed to rob you of that right and opportunity.

It is important to vote. That is the reason you have a PVC in the first place. PVC is not another form  of identity card, as some people want to make it. Every registered voter should go out to cast their vote. This is your civic duty. If you love Nigeria and want to make a positive contribution, you are duty bound to go and vote. We emphasise that the PVC is not intended to be another form of ID as some people regard it. It is a viable, potent tool to deliver change and bring about true democracy to this country. Do not sell your right to make the decision on who rules Nigeria to anybody whatever the reason.

We believe that INEC will let our PVCs speak for themselves. We hope that INEC will do its own duty creditably well. That we had a free and fair election should not be in doubt. This is the way we protect our democracy.

We disregard rumours that some people plan to rig the election. We want to believe that INEC, as true custodian of our democracy, has anticipated that and planned to nip it in the bud.

Secondly, we urge our people to be patient. Do not get frustrated and leave the polling station if INEC does not arrive on time. Stick around until you vote. Yield neither to frustration nor intimidation and do not discourage anyone from going out to vote.

This opportunity comes every four years, only. Do not lose it. Vote for Nigeria; Vote for Democracy!