Imo All Progressive Congress (APC) Stakeholders Forum resolutions reached at a stakeholders meeting held on April 2, 2018




On Monday April 2, 2018, a critical meeting of All Progressive Congress (APC) stakeholders comprising  serving National and State Assembly Members, Governorship Aspirants for the elections of 2019 on the platform of the party, Members of the APC State and Local Government Executive Committee and other Leaders of the Party in the State met in Owerri, the State capital.


The main agenda of the meeting was to among others:

  1. Examine the state of preparedness of the party for the general elections in 2019.
  2. Evaluate the performance of the All Progressive congress led government in the State vis-a-viz the well-being, acceptability and support of the people of Imo State to ensure the success of the Party in the general elections.


After long and honest deliberation on the main agenda of the meeting, the Stakeholders unanimously agreed on the following resolutions:



  1. The Stakeholders strongly condemn the despicable usurpation of the powers of the Party offices and officers by the state Governor Chief Ethelbert Anayo Okorocha to himself which has portrayed the Party in the State to be part of the contemptible abuse of power and flagrant disobedience of Court Orders by the Governor. These inexcusable actions of the Governor have made the public to view our great Party, with the same disdain that they view the Governor. The Stakeholders hereby demand the immediate disengagement of the Governor from the running of the Party and the separation of the Party from the pervasive and illegal acts of the Governor.
  2. The Forum condemns and rejects the shameful and illegal use of Imo State Tax Payers money by the Governor Chief Ethelbert Anayo Okorocha to forcefully install his son in-law Mr. Uche Nwosu (who is current Chief of Staff) as Governor of Imo State in 2019. The imperial style imposition of Mr. Nwosu on the Party and people of Imo State by Governor Okorocha using bribery, harassment and intimidation is not only criminal, but undemocratic and a ‘dead on arrival third term attempt through the backdoor by Governor Okorocha.
  3. The Stakeholders examined the performance of the State Government and its approval rating by the people of the state and took notice of the growing disenchantment of the people of the state with the All Progressive Congress as a Party, as a result of several anti-people policies of the Governor which include but not limited to the following:
  4. The destruction of people’s properties without adequate notice and/or payment of any manner of compensation in the name of urban renewal.
  5. The destruction of markets in both rural and urban areas without adequate notice to traders for prompt evacuation of their goods and without the provision of alternative business environment thereby callously depriving people of their means of livelihood and pushing more people of Imo State into poverty and despair.
  6. Forceful acquisition of land from natives in both urban and rural areas without the payment of compensation and execution of proper documented agreements with the natives.
  7. Total refusal to pay gratuities to retired public servants
  8. Fraudulent handling and non-payment of pensions
  9. Scrapping of allowances of public servants
  10. Freezing of promotions in the civil service since May 2011
  11. Imposition of illegal N 3000 on every taxable adult in the state
  12. Illegal conversion of state properties to personal and family ownership such as: IBC Orji Owerri: Imo Concorde Hotel; Ochiedike Dialysis Center Owerri etc.
  13. Arbitrary, undemocratic and forceful allocation and adoption of people for different elective offices for the 2019 elections in defiance of Party guideline.
  14. The division and allocation of the site for the new Imo State Government House in New Owerri by Governor Okorocha and his siblings and appropriation of same for their individual and private use.
  15. Unnecessary altercation with church leaders as epitomized by the recent attempt by some hired thugs associated with Mr. Uche Nwosu (the current Chief of Staff and in-law to the Governor) to physically manhandle the Archbishop of the Catholic Province of Owerri; His Grace Anthony Obinna.
  16. The Forum notes with dismay that Governor Rochas Okorocha has knowingly continued to carry on with these series of anti-people posturing and policies ignoring the consequences they will have on the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari and other candidates of the Party in the 2019 General Elections. Indeed, several stakeholders and leaders of the party are beginning to view the conscious anti-people actions of the Governor Okorocha’s to be well-orchestrated plot to undermine the success of the party at the general elections in 2019.
  17. The forum warns Governor Okorocha to discontinue his macabre intentions to forcefully turn 644 autonomous communities in the state to ISIEC WARDS for the purposes of carrying out Local Government elections which he has failed to allow in the last seven years for the sole purpose of giving his son in-law Mr. Uche Nwosu an edge over other Governorship aspirants in the state.
  18. It is the resolve of the All Progressive Congress Stakeholders Forum to take every necessary legal and constitutional step to distance the APC from the reckless, absurd, retrogressive and generally reprehensible actions of Governor Okorocha, the party shall be saved from further damage and be properly positioned for the general election in 2019.
  19. Finally the forum shall not relent in their determination to build a strong party in the state through unalloyed loyalty to the national leadership of the party geared towards ensuring that President Buhari and other candidates of the party for the 2019 elections secure overwhelming majority of votes in the state at the National level.

Long Live APC!    Long Live Imo State!!  Long Live Nigeria!!!




Chief Okey IkoroEzinwa                                                      

Chairman (08037880314)


Barr. Kingsley Ononuju

Secretary (08033351591)