My trouble with Jonathan – Gov. Amaechi


Nigerian Democracy The Amaechi CaseRecently some reports made the rounds that Governor Amaechi Rotimi  impregnated the daughter of a prominent professor, and that the girl had already moved into his house.  Another version of the story had it that the governor had problems with his wife over her advice that he should soft-pedal on his approach to the rift between him and the presidency for his own safety.

But the governor, during a chat with newsmen at the Government House, said his marriage was intact, contrary to what his opponents alleged that his wife ran away from Nigeria because he impregnated another girl.

He said: “That story is bad, but at least, it brought back my wife.  I don’t think she was planning to celebrate Christmas in Nigeria.  But with that story, I said, listen, you need to come back, so that they would know that you have not divorced me.  So, she is back to see the husband, spend time with the husband, do some of her functions as wife of the governor, so that my opponents will know I’m still married.  I am not just married, I am a Catholic.  How many of you know what we say about Catholic marriage?  As solid as a Catholic marriage, you have no room for divorce; you have absolutely no room for divorce.  What you have room is for annulment and only  on one ground can a marriage be annulled in the Catholic Church.  That means the marriage never took place; that means the woman either deceived you into marrying her or the man deceived you into marrying him.  If there was no deceit any other thing is, for better for worse.

The governor also used the forum to give more reasons for the misunderstanding between him and President Goodluck Jonathon and why he decided to dump the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for All Progressives Congress (APC).

He said: “Like most of you may have known, I have since left PDP to a better party, All Progressive Congress because PDP is a drowning party.

According to the governor, between now and March 2014, more members of the National Assembly including the Senate, would decamp to APC, thereby, turning PDP into opposition instead of the ruling party it is at present.

“I can assure you that more governors will leave.  They are quite uncomfortable”, Amaechi said, stressing that it would be difficult for PDP to win the presidential election in 2015.

According to the governor, his problem with the president started when the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan attempted to interfere in the governance of Rivers State and he resisted her move.

Another reason he gave for his grouse with President Goodluck Jonathan was the injustice he meted out to Rivers State.  Among them, he further explained, was the ceding of oil wells belonging to the state to Bayelsa and Abia States.  He also adduced his rift with the president to his challenge to the Federal Government to account for N49 billion.