Ndi Imo exercise your right and power NOW

Emmanuel A. C. Orji

Very shortly, Election Day shall arrive and the people of Imo State will face the hour of decision to elect a new Governor as well as new members of the State Legislature. There is therefore a case to educate Imo people well so that they do not continue to make past mistakes. As all of us admit, in the past we have made very bad judgements and elected misfits into positions of political responsibility. As I pointed out in an earlier article, Dr. Michael Okpara, the inimitable Premier of former Eastern Nigeria, during whose regime the world Bank declared Eastern Nigeria the fastest growing region of the world, once told Ndi Igbo that “First fool no befool. Second fool na him be proper foolish” So, this time around, the people of Imo State should be careful to exercise their political voting right judiciously and vote good candidates into office to serve as Governor and Members of the State House of Assembly.

Let the people of Imo State not wait to lament over the election of bad materials either as Governor or member of the House of Assembly. Let them rather go into the field NOW to educate voters to collect money offered them by candidates but vote for good candidates based on knowledge of the candidate because very often, the money offered to the voter by the politician is public money that the politician stole from the public treasury.

Bad candidates live among the voters and are well known by the voters. Such bad materials should be identified and no one should vote for them. Those who know them should expose them to the people who should be advised not to vote for them.

There is one important thing that voters must be made to understand. Whereas the Governor is important, the member of the House of Assembly is perhaps more important because he is empowered to oversee the function of the Governor and is in a position to check his excesses. So, while care must be taken to vote for a good person as Governor, it is perhaps more important to vote in men of courage and integrity as members of the House of Assembly, men that can call the Governor to order whenever he attempts to act ultra vires or misuse his position.

May God grant Imo voters the courage to vote for the right candidates, who will serve ndi Imo with all their ability of head and heart and hand.

Emmanuel A. C. Orji, Senior citizen wrote from Atlanta, USA
Email: orjiman@gmail.com