Ndigbo under Siege?

Ndigbo under Siege?

It is an over statement or mere scaremongering to say that Ndigbo are under siege because they are not. Even if they are, other ethnic groups can also make a similar claim, giving how things are now. In a country where everyone, except a privileged few, is suffering the effects of the misrule and mismanagement of the nation’s resources, the siege mentality is common and actually wide spread.

However, it will also not be fair to deny that Ndigbo are under some kind of siege, giving the suffering and discrimination they have faced since losing the Nigeria–Biafra war. We must recall that in 2017, Ndigbo, bona fide citizens of Nigeria, were given an ultimatum by a group from the north to vacate that region before a particular time or face death, literally. Neither Government consider that ultimatum a treasonable offence nor did anything to those who issued it. What we had was a verbal condemnation. But that is only one example.

Nigeria today is under serious social, political and economical stress. Many people feel marginalised one way or another, due to poverty, insecurity and others. Nevertheless, Ndigbo can be said to be their own worst enemy due primarily to the lack of unity among them.

Beside the insatiable appetite for money, a typical Igbo man is loud, controversial domineering and somewhat insensitive. Ndigbo are undeniably hardworking, adventurous and ambitious, but their inability to present a common front, support one another and stay connected to their roots limit their search for political and economic relevance, in a nation where they are arguably the most hated.

While the other groups are gathering themselves together, Ndigbo are scattering and breaking up into smaller units and factions. Onye Igbo does not see the progress and success of another Onye Igbo as vital to his own achievement. When an Igbo man gets to the top, those he, arguably, seeks to pull down are Ndigbo!

Unlike the Jews, who through adversity learnt unity and self-reliance, Ndigbo have not that kind of wisdom. Many say they are Jews but have not learnt the discipline and unity which translated into strength and prosperity for the Jews. The Jews support and empower one another, Ndigbo pull down!

Another problem is their dislike for their language. The tendency for many Ndigbo embrace other people’s culture to their own detriment is worrying and indicative of ignorance. Igbo language is in limbo because Ndigbo would rather speak English, Hausa, French even Yoruba and also teach that to their children.

Ndigbo have little regard for their institutions and traditional rulers. The slogan Igbo enweghi eze, Ndigbo have no King, needs to be challenged.

Good a thing Governor Willie Obiano has denied calling Ohanaeze’s President General, the erudite Nnia Nwodo, an “idiot,” for not coming to welcome Buhari to Anambra State, for the commissioning of Zik’s mausoleum.