Nigeria’s Lazy Youths: Victims of socio-political expediency

Nigeria’s Lazy Youths: Victims of socio-political expediency

A Typical Nigeria’s lazy youth is striving to become the Nigerian Leader of tomorrow which he hardly believes in. “Ambition should be made of sterner stuff”. “The Leopard never changes her spots”. “Every national effort involving Nigerian youths when carefully analysed shows clearly that the motivating interest is either a conspiracy to steal power with its trappings of greed or an attempt to highjack our credulous citizenry”. Ojukwu.

Our philosopher kings must return to claim their mandate and restore sanity in governance. This is why in most African countries where the youths have become leaders by circumstance, there is lack of finese in their utterances and conduct. These are leaders who don’t understand when praise singers and Hero worshippers run them down by massaging their ego with sugar coated encomiums. These are leaders who assume position and status where they reign supreme as square pegs in round holes. Most of them parading fake university certificates are intellectual featherweights and passionate lovers of merriment. The cycle of deliberate silence which they perpetuate continues as each looks for the opportunity to have his or her own share of the nations wealth through any mean assignment and call in the belief that no single person is Nigeria which is no man’s land but fit to perish.

They are apostles and agents of “lootocracy” who intend to control the national treasury with an eye for loot.

Where is that Lazy Nigerian youth who looks away as a political leader bulldozes his way to victory by being given a pittance to accomplish electoral fraud. Here he is an apprentice of evil. Who is that youth now a boss who looks away as his boys extort money from the public because returns are expected at the end as part of his fringe benefits.

Who are those Lazy Nigerian youths of different political persuasion in the houses of assembly who have turned stooges, ever ready to support executive buffoonery; never challenging wrong bills but simply satisfied with their share of the national cake instead of quality representation. The taste of the pudding is in the eating.

Who are those Lazy Nigerian youths who cant assert their influence in society for the common good by changing their future from their past.

Where are those youths who supported in no unmistakable terms the rescue mission war machine which chained Imo State to the Rescue Mission chariot to damnation in order to perpetuate their domination and bring all the institutions in the state under their control.

In these grim years of persecution and terror, these Lazy Youths , initiated and occultic have carried on an indefatigable struggle to surpress genuine freedom and democratic ideals as agents of brute force funded by a commander in chief. They could find common cause when it comes to an alliance of oil bunkerers, media vanguards and movements and commission agents which cannot pass the test of being responsible youths with leadership potential.

The present day Lazy Nigerian youth have for a considerable length of time reigned without ruling. They have imbibed the culture of sitting idly and presiding over the liquidation of state resources through devious methods. Having been baked in the crucible of corruption they have access to stored money in overhead. Gee pee tanks, underground bunkers and the like to be released for buying votes.

But there is no money to pay workers and pensioners full salary or contractors. No money to pay compensation to those whose land and properties have been forcefully acquired by a government in search of validity.

They have been organized in teams with strict injunction to buy over traditional rulers, stakeholders, INEC officials, the security agents and the judiciary to support their nefarious activities. Don’t be surprised when their names make the list of commissioners, special assistants, executive assistant, task force members, Hatchet men and women, certified praise singers at the corridors of power in their dream state to share the booty.

These are the Lazy youths whose vile conduct during the electioneering process must be rewarded with opulence. It is disappointing to observe that for the Lazy Nigerian youth, generous entrepreneurial incentives floated by the Federal Government and NGO’s are not attractive to them.

They have a commander-in-chief whom Astral travelers have cited at the threshold of oriental shrines where he is baked in the crucible of “possibility in impossibility”. When he gets back endowed with the “Nothing Mega” insignia, he bestrides the world like a colossus and fearlessly dwarfs any uninitiated person who has no alternative than to deify him.

He instills in the mesmerized Lazy youths that Lurk around him the aura of invincibility and absolute power from the realm of the occult where the principalities of darkness reign.

Traditionally we know that any deity whose chief priest is a youth, perishes and depopulates a community or society. We also know that the youth may exceed bounds and fall short of the expectations of the diety with disastrous consequences. We don’t need a ghost to tell us that occultic powers have expiration date.

What legacy can such a youth bequeath to another youth in succession other than the continuation of institutionalized disaster and irredeemable trauma of the people.

What do you expect from a pig other than a grunt. This is aptly consummated with a promise made in time of need

with cap in hand only to be abandoned unceremoniously in a robin hood the robber style when the purpose of the promise has materialized. This is modern politics Nigerian style.

A Fraudstars who gets to the top of the ladder and prevents others from using the same ladder is doomed to failure by the Nemesis of revenge.

Imo State needs philosopher kings and not stooges, protégés and toothless bulldogs through whom godfathers will rule by proxy.
Enough is Enough!

I humbly make bold to hold opinion with Nelson Mandela who envisioned “a rainbow nation where there shall be work, bread, water and salt for all”. This is not a nation where misplaced trust is treasured. Mandela ended his all time inaugural speech by saying: “Never, Never and Never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world”. Quo vadis Imo citizens? It is a savage trick to rejoice over the mockery of good governance.

This shows a realistic man in touch with the needs of the least of his constituents.
At the risk of sounding trite, Imo State must henceforth define its identity in clear terms. The peculiar and complex tapestry of our history, the manipulation of the rescue mission to impose a particular type of leadership on Imo State has limited our independence to a mere battle for supremacy by the zonal and rescue trinity.

Thank God that the new regime will not be weighed down by these contradictions from the rantings of Never-do-wells.

Imo State must move ahead with the dream, vision and preoccupation of a wide spectrum of researchers and operators of serious “Think Tanks” removed from the suffocating and putrefying air from the corridors of power.

It is hoped that the vision of the government will be to have a reservoir of scientific talent housed in a science city devoid of “cargo mentality”.

The inhabitants of this science city will be the elite strike force, the returness whose source of excitement and fulfillment will be research and discovery. This should be the envisaged dream of every professional as we need to prepare for a future where ethnicity and zonal hegemony will lose their salience and resonance. This will be a departure from our obsolete past. This will be a new era of change.

But where are the Lazy Nigerian Youths while their hardworking futuristic counterparts are capitalizing on every available support by Federal Government and NGO’s to survive through hardwork and industry. Many are queuing into programmes of government aimed at self reliance instead of dependence on illusory employment in government offices.

The Nigerian Lazy youths may not realize that the National youth service scheme may be their last chance to touch money without really working for it. Must they fold their hands and wait for manna from heaven?

Why cant they deploy their youthful energy and zeal to be masters of themselves with time. Why cant they exploit abundant opportunity to master alternative sources of survival different from their areas of study.

Many who did not even go to higher institutions regard menial jobs as Infra Dignitatem but go about lazily with exotic phones for internet fraud; rastaferian, medusoid hairstyles that gives them a false sense of acceptability in a society that largely regards the indecently dressed as anathema.

The myriad of universities in Nigeria have not achieved the envisaged prosperity of employable and unemployable youths in the country. It has been clearly hopes betrayed.

To remedy the situation, the nation owes our youths a duty for sustenance with cash stipends since they cannot all be hardworking and Lazy. This monthly cash sustenance should be rapidly spread throughout the states of the country instead of pilot states and the FCT. This is a classical case of “too little too late” since a majority of the Lazy youths have already gone beserk, off the tangent, wild, sadistic and deviant on the streets of Nigerian life. Nigeria has the funds for this noble project if our ‘Oliver Twist’s’ in the upper and lower assemblies will support that.

Youth self reliance and entrepreneurial schemes in Agriculture, manufacturing, industry etc are available but the Lazy pampered youths want to reap where they did not sow. Greed and the guest for good living without commensurate effort is the Halmark of the Lazy Nigerian youth.

He has seen Nigeria as a father Christmas whose cake is for all and sundry. He has no meaningful contribution to make in baking the national cake. He likes to be the right person in the wrong place. Who are the kingpins of armed robbery gangs; kidnapping and abduction squad; human trafficking agents; drug barons; secret society adherents without the youths whose vile and youthful energy for wrong doing have outclassed their mentors.

Their bad image has portrayed Nigeria in bad light before the committee of Nations. Look for the Lazy Nigerian youth where any oil prospecting company is opening up wells. They gang up to demand unmerited royalty as sons of the soil whose national wealth is being siphoned to the unknown by adopting unpatriotic measures to get settled with cash which they swallow instantly. This craze prevalent in oil producing areas has spread its virulence to every other community in Nigeria where Lazy youths reign supreme. Telecommunication institutions like the MTN, GLO, etisalat etc mounting masts have not been spared the headache of these profligate Lazy youths who threaten technical workers until they are settled because the land is their heritage. Why cant these youths demand lasting employment instead of effervescent cash.

Construction companies have equally not been spared in the orgy of youth epicurean life style.

The political music drums are once more scintillating the atmosphere. Who are the members of these restless movements and vanguards organizing and inundating the news media with pretentious and episodic endorsement except the Lazy youth.

They have made a mockery of university education which did not pass through them. Since they cant condescend to humble beginnings, they want to blossom into affluence by fraud, “killing in the high sea” and doing the dirty jobs for the dirty politicians.

Ungainfully employed without appointment papers some don saches of Good Governance they will disown to earn a pittance at the end of the month while left to their own device to eke out a living through the harassment of the already impoverished populace.

This makes the Lazy youth a sorry sight to behold before enlightened citizenry. They should rethink.

For how long can the Lazy youth survive through the sweet tongues and nebulous deniable promises of the marooned political leaders.

The Lazy Nigerian youth has many options for survival in Being a periodic servant in obedience to the dictates of overbearing politicians; stooping low to conquer through apprenticeship in life long skills; Imitating the way of the ants who gather their food for the future gradually and steadily, or copying from the industrious honey bee among whom the Lazy yawning drones must be delivered to the executioners pale.
Quo Vadis Lazy Nigerian youth?

Sir Andrew I. Ajaero (KSJ)
Public Affairs Commentator/Analyst
Onicha Nweorie Ezinihitte