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Owelle and Owerri – The real transformation!



A trip around Owerri presents a scenario of ecstatic joy as the eyes behold and savour the electrifying beauty which the state capital now wears as a result of the massive transformation which the present administration has infused into it. With the array of arterial roads which have been opened, many completed and some nearing completion, accessing and exiting the different axes of the state capital, including driving within the streets is now a pleasurable experience as against the frustrative gridlock which was the order before the advent of the Rescue Mission.

From Warehouse Junction, one cruises through Akanchawa to Nekede Road and straight onto the magnificent roundabout at Aba Road/Emmanuel College. The banks of Nworie exude a spectacle of beauty which unfolds an uninterrupted view of New Owerri in its majestic splendor in contrast to the squalid degradation which was the lot of Nworie. It is clear that Governor Rochas Okorocha has a vision for environmental regeneration which he has demonstrated with the Nworie project. Today, the banks of Nworie have been cleared with earth movers removing tons of rubbish preparatory to restoring the natural aesthetics. Today, no criminal dares hang around Nworie. In a short while, the tourism potential of Nworie as a beach shall be realized.

Similarly the regeneration has moved to Otamiri. The giant heaps of refuse which used to be a terrible health hazard and eyesore welcoming people into Owerri from Aba Road have been cleared. One can appreciate the massive reclamation which Governor Okorocha has achieved as the eyes can now rove to the stream of traffic plying the rolling contours of the newly constructed dual carriage bypass from Aba Road into Wetheral Road/St. Mulumba Catholic Church. What a beautiful sight to behold!

In the area of bridges, roundabouts and iconic buildings, Governor Rochas Okorocha has set an unassailable record with his landmark structures. In less than three years, four functional bridges have risen across Nworie, with state of the art asphalt roads providing rapid interface between old and new Owerri. The roundabouts at Assumpta, Okigwe Road, Fire Service, Warehouse, Emmanuel College and Poly Junction (Naze) are indeed wonderful. Remember the controversies which used to trail the Wetheral/Okigwe Road Roundabout? Now Owelle applied wisdom by placing a non-controversial edifice on that spot using the concept of “Unity and Collective Destiny” by inscripting the entire 27 Local Government Areas of the state as a belt around the new roundabout to daily remind Imo citizens that we are equal stakeholders in the Imo project.

Today, Imo can proudly host the world with the plethora of iconic edifices which the Rescue Mission Team has bestowed on Owerri. The elegance of such projects as the International Conference Centre, Bongo Square, Heroes Square, Sam Mbakwe Expanded Exco Chambers etc., has enlisted Imo as a state of destination for monumental events in Nigeria.

The Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has shown class, passion and commitment in his quest to transform Owerri into an ultra-modern state capital. We are witnesses to this great effort. Even our brothers and sisters in the diaspora are overwhelmed whenever they visit home as we show them around. More projects are surely on the drawing board and Imo people are proud to share and experience Owelle’s dream for Owerri, the great capital of Imo State. He has set Owerri on the path of positive growth and succeeding governors have a challenge to sustain the tempo.

Owerri and indeed Imo are getting better!


Kennedy Amanze
Ministry of Industry & Non-formal Sector, Owerri



Imo Governor’s aide visits Oziza FM Staff, Ogechi Iwu in hospital



Imo Governor’s aide visits Oziza FM  Staff, Ogechi Iwu in hospital

The Chief Press Secretary and Media Adviser to Governor Hope Uzodimma of Imo State, Mr. Oguwike Nwachuku has visited Mr. Ogechi Iwu, a journalist with Osiza FM.

The media man is hospitalized at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Owerri over complications from diabetes that led to his right leg being amputated.

Mr. Nwachuku said the visit was to show solidarity on behalf of Governor Uzodimma to his professional colleague, assuring him of their prayers, particularly that of his principal, and the prayers of Mr. Iwu’s numerous friends and well wishers who are touched by his plight.

“I am here on behalf of my principal to associate with him in this time of health challenge and to encourage him not to see the sickness as a death sentence.”

Oge Iwu at fmc

L-R: Chief Akaraonye, Mr. Oguwike Nwachuku with Ogechi Iwu during the visit

Mr. Nwachuku urged Mr. Iwu to continue in the high spirit he saw him and trust God for his total recovery “because healing is a thing of mind and when a sick person is in high spirit the patient gets recovered quickly.”

The spokesman of the Governor promised to bring the plight of the journalist to the attention of his principal, and assured that the Governor will, in his usual manner of one with milk of human sympathy, show concern over Iwu’s plight.

Earlier, Mr. Iwu thanked the CPS/Media Adviser, the State Chairman of NUJ, Imo State, Chief Christopher Akaraonye and other journalists who were on the entourage, for coming to identify with him on his sick bed, and assured that God in his infinite mercy will quicken his recovery.

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Lessons from the Melee in Mali



Lessons from the Melee in Mali

Just a couple of days ago, former president of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, penned an assuring message on his successful mediation trips – leading the ECOWAS fact-finding and resolution team to Mali. The ink is still wet on that page when we however, woke up to the news of a coup in Mali. Whether it is Gambia, Guinea, Sudan, name them, Africa seems to be on the back foot when it comes to democratic gains. Is this a recurring narrative?

Mali should be another stark reminder to other African governments especially Nigeria that when an ineffective, out of touch and repressive government is about to come to an end, it always happens suddenly, not gradually. The tempo always builds up but from the inside, presenting a false calm exterior. Then like a landslide, it unexpectedly gives; the whole mountain comes crumbling as can be seen happening right now in Mali.

Seething resentments towards kleptocratic African governments always showcase themselves at the fall. African governments are miles behind, regarding the yearnings of their people and just like it happened in the ’60’s and ’70’s during our independence and subsequent coups and counter coups, Africa – led by its yearning youths connected globally through technology and the internet –is again bursting at the seams for legitimacy, effective leadership, direction and global integration.

The elitist old folks at the helm, unable to catch up and belligerent towards inclusive prosperity and development, are using their incumbent powers and minions to thwart the wishes of the people but for how long?

After the World War II, the world is again witnessing an unprecedented degree of untold suffering and death at peacetime, as a result of human disaster, but in Africa. It seems like the world rebuilt itself and moved on without us. How did we get here? How did we get left behind? First we started the blame game with the effect of slave trade, then the shackles of colonialism, yet Eastern countries have come out of both and are prosperous regardless.

China and the rest of the block are another testament that most of our arguments though with their merits, don’t hold water in their entirety. We are the makers of our destinies.
The origin of Mali’s problems, like every other Africa country, is government sectarianism – where a people in power skew electoral outcomes to favor themselves and their minions. This always led to widespread corruption, mismanagement of the economy, worsening security situations and exacerbating communal violence consequently.

For Mali, it started on June 5 when thousands of people went on street protest against the hijacked outcome of the parliamentary elections which took place on March 25. It turned deadly and 11 people were killed. As it is, regional security is threatened, at a time when COVID-19 and economic positions of these countries, indeed the whole world, are in tatters.

Whether it is Nigeria, Congo, Somalia, Kenya, name it, the problem is the same. When responsibility is alienated from governance, it breeds impunity which leads to corruption.

Like cancer, this corruption feeds and sustains itself by permeating all democratic institutions in its bid to replicate, validate and perpetuate itself, thus adulterating the electoral process which ultimately leads to political disintegration with the people seen as the enemy.

Our present crop of leaders has worked constitutions and political structures to such an extent that they sit home and predict electoral and judicial outcomes to the last digit.

This begs the question, is democracy working for Africa and if it doesn’t, what works? At times like this, we as Africans, should look inwards and take stock of how far we have come with the advent of constitutional democracy, where we have lost it and what should be done. The Chinese have found their formula, the Russians too. We too must find our path to an all inclusive, sustainable and prosperous future.

By Iboro Otu

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To the Clergy, Religious and Laity of
Ahiara Diocese.

Dear people of God!

Compliments of the season: peace and joy!

As bishop, it is my duty to uphold authentic gospel values, sound Catholic traditions in worship and defend the teaching of the Catholic Church on faith and morals. It is also my responsibility to ensure that it is transmitted to the faithful in its purity and integrity in my area of pastoral jurisdiction.

Having established that there are serious abuses in the administration of the sacraments and sacramentals in the Canaanland Adoration Ministry a.k.a E-Dey Work as well as many other practices in the Adoration Ministry which are contrary to the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church, I withdrew the Faculties of the Diocese of Ahiara from Fr. Magnus Ebere a priest of the Society of Divine Vocation (SDV), who started the Adoration Ministry without the required permission from an ecclesiastical authority. Consequently, he can no longer legitimately carry out priestly ministry such as preaching, celebration of the Mass, hearing confessions and administration of the other Sacraments and Sacramentals in the Diocese of Ahiara.

Nevertheless, Fr. Magnus has continued his private Ministry at his Centre in Onicha Ezinihitte in the Diocese of Ahiara in gross disobedience to me the bishop and also his Superior General in Rome who has also directed him to stop his Adoration Ministry. I hereby state that the Catholic Church has nothing to do with his Ministry. Accordingly, the faithful of Ahiara Catholic Diocese and other Dioceses are hereby warned to desist from attending the Ministry of a defiant priest, who has no respect for Church authority and Church law. Those who attend his private Ministry do so at their own spiritual peril.

God bless you!

Sincerely yours

Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji
Apostolic Administrator of Ahiara Diocese

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