law and society


The challenges of security, law enforcement and unemployment cannot be wished away but a careful consideration and reevaluations will ensure a remarkable improvement of the security services and infrastructures of law enforcement that ensures a sustainable social justice system.

The best way to improve the security system is to build a military cantonment in Orlu town centre preferably, now, besides NEPA to ensure proper engagement of violent crimes. The state government can build and hand over to the army such a compact cantonment   with an existing prototype by St Dominic’s, yaba Lagos. This will be complimented by the rules of convergence of police units from all over the state to give sustainable backups and blockages of the escape routes of criminals.

The Orlu police station should be relocated to the Local government Area headquarters frontal hall with a fenced separate entrance to facilitate better policing and monitoring of law enforcement processes.

The Imo sate security network should compliment the  role of law enforcement agents by  locating them at all local government  headquarters and charged with security , collation of intelligence and protection of government property with adequate motivations, and training   so that there can be a reliable crime data bank to facilitate effective  law enforcement. They should also be deployed to protect government installations and gather intelligence on corrupt civil servants for appropriate disciplinary measures.

The government must provide the enabling employment for the youth of the LGA who are basically under represented in the State civil service by employing at least two from each autonomous community in the LGA. It is disheartening that many communities have nobody in the state civil service other than LGA labourers and security men to assist in the implementation of the CGC take off in their communities. More of them should be engaged in the communities where the constructions of infrastructures are taking place. More so  that , the state government should as a matter of priority stop the casualisation policy and immediately order absorption the large  numbers of casual staff in the civil service who are required to go to work but remained unpaid and casualised for many years.

I believe strongly that government cannot provide employment for every person. In the same vein, it is the duty of government to provide incentives for economic development by harmonizing and streamling its tax regimes which have become onerous and over bearing on local businesses.

Finally, the developments of local governments largely depend on federal subventions. This accruing revenue should be used for the development of each local government Area in addition to the IGR which should be protected from leakages. One of the ways to prevent these leakages is by ensuring that government money are not handled by staff but paid into the accounts of the LGA in a designated bank with a unit at the local government Area Headquarter.

The revenue departments of our various local governments can stimulate economic development by properly harnessing its revenue potentials and helping in poverty alleviation through the development of small businesses.

This will require the reform of the revenue collecting system under the LGAIRS made up of bright minded personnel with the understanding of the principles of taxation and due process and the discarding of the uses of uneducated task force men who act with recklessness and impunity and heating up the polity by creating a dysfunctionalisation of social justice and public disaffections to the government.