The hope for Change

Nigeria elections: Observe, don't monitor - INEC warns local, foreign observers
Nigeria elections Observe dont monitor INEC warns local foreign observers

Nigerians are waiting with bated breath for the results of yesterday general election, the first in the two series. The second is on March 2.

Undoubtedly, results are trickling in and, soon, the whole nation will know who the next leaders are, beginning from the President and Commander-in-Chief alongside members of the National Assembly.

Nigeria has come a long way in its effort to remain one nation. We, therefore, beg the winners and losers, with their supporters, to put the nation’s interest first by accepting the results in good faith. Patriotism should be the watchword and must be demonstrated.
If President Muhammadu Buhari manages, against all odds, to retain his portfolio, we ask that he accepts his victory with humility. He must learn from his previous mistakes and must, this time around, hit the ground running, rather than wait indefinitely to announce his cabinet. Needless to say the country is in dire need of economic, political and social clean up. The poor masses are suffering and that is to say the least.

A new Buhari- Osinbajo government must recognise that fighting Corruption is not an economic policy and should not be selective either. Nigerians expect a clear and robust economic agenda, in addition to reducing corruption in public office. Nigerians want peace and security – enough of killings and bloodshed! What Nigeria needs from another Buhari regime is real change as the first one was shambolic.

If, on the other hand, Nigerians select a new President, the new man must accept the victory also with humility. Nigerians expect that he and his party are prepared in every sense of the word to deliver good governance. The new president must be strong in mind, body and soul for the assignment. He must be president of all Nigerians and not just a section.

Nigerians need a far better Nigeria than the one they are currently living in. We have all it takes to build a great nation, a nation every Nigerian will be proud of. Nigerians need clearly defined economic policy, they need peace, unity and all that go with development. The new Government must get cracking at once and should never be seen to have forgotten what it came into government to do.

The new administration will be expected to assemble the best minds in the country to pull the nation out of poverty and this quagmire it has found itself. The new Government must stick to its manifesto and campaign promises. That way, we can work together to build a better, stronger and more liveable Nigeria – the Nigeria of our dream!