Why I want to serve Imo people as governor in 2019 – Tony Mba


An American trained computer engineering consultant, Rev. Engr. Tony Mba has stated that he is ready to serve Imo State in this 2019 governorship election not to be addressed as “His Excellency” but to reposition and re-launch her unto the mainstream of development geared towards making the state the hub of most economic vibrant area for investment in Nigeria.

Mr. Mba, an International Business Machines (IBM) software and hardware senior consulting engineer, the world’s largest computer manufacturer and ICT services company, disclosed this while addressing newsmen in Owerri. He was at pains that Imo State which parades most of the best brains in varied facets of human endeavor and career in the country and beyond was nowhere to be found in the national map of industrialized states, assuring that the fortunes of the state would blossom within six months of his administration as Governor.

Engr. Tony Mba who is the standard-bearer of the Alliance of Social Democrat (ASD) further regretted the sorry state of civil servants and pensioners in the state, assuring of his determination to upgrade their welfare to international status.

He expressed worry that they were neglected after putting in their best in the service of the state, saying that if the economy of the state was properly and judiciously managed, the plight of the entire Imolites today would have become much better, and appealed to everyone not to lose hope, promising to put the state back to business after his emergence as Governor in 2019.

Adding further, Rev. Mba expressed bitterness that instead of Imo people to be carried along in the governance of the state owing to their sensitive role in the emergence of any administration in the state, they have been maltreated, humiliated and disparaged for no just cause, and prayed God to intervene so as to salvage the masses from bad government.

He said, “In as much as no person is perfect, a good man remains a good man no matter the level of influence, be it power, wealth or connection. I had expected Imo people to enjoy dividends of democracy owing to the major role they play during elections. But it is very disheartening that instead of them to be allowed to do their businesses freely, they are chased, arrested, slapped and played around as if, it is a crime to vote a government into power.

“Under my watch as your Governor, the lost glory of the state will be revived and restored. Imo people will move freely to do their legitimate businesses. Civil servants will smile and become meaningful to the state again. Our fathers and mothers who have served the state meritoriously and retired without blemish will have no reason to cry before their entitlements are paid. Instead of them to regret serving the state, they will be honored by the state with distinguished excellent award to rekindle their love and passion for the state.”

The IBM top shot therefore stressed the need for all hands to be on deck to put the state back on track.

Rev. Mba, an ordained man of God, who is also a lecturer in Economics and Computer Science spoke about the urgent need to rebuild Imo state spiritually in Christ, where every cultic and demonic altar in Owerri town and within the state would be destroyed.

Below is Tony Mba 8-point Agenda for Imo State:

1. Social Justice and Others:
– Rebuilding the altar of God in Imo and Igbo land through corporate repentance.
– Restore & Pay pensions, arrears; regular payment of workers’ salaries
– Programme of assistance to the handicapped, women/widows, orphans; Gender Equality
– Osu/Ume caste system: re-education and repentance.
– Land tenure review & reform.
– Support the work of the Church through adequate state funding.

2. Education:
– Overhaul teaching, learning, and curricular based on Christian viewpoint.
– Invest in high-quality early Christian childhood education.
– Invest in recruiting, training, and supporting teachers
– Create funding stream for needy students.
– Invest in entrepreneurial skill training, incubation centers in the tertiary sectors.
– Return all schools to Churches, and private owners.
– Establish Education Block Grant Fund to compensate churches for state takeover of schools.
– Establish academic centers for local and foreign education and degrees.

3. Security:
– Apply technology in the fight against crime – kidnapping, robbery, ritual &political killings
– Create Court of independent jurisdiction to enforce and prosecute these cases.
– Establish community policing and vigilante corps, and upgrade intelligence with ICT.

4. Jobs:
– Promote massive job retraining programme.
– Develop high paying 21st century digital economy
– Create enterprise zones to attract foreign and local investments

5. End poverty, hunger, and reduce inequality:
– Ensure social protection for the poor and vulnerable, especially women, infants, and children.
– Provide support for people harmed by conflicts, drought, disasters, andclimate events.
– Promote proactive good Health and well-being, and sustainable agriculture.

6. Affordable and clean energy alternative and water resources:
– Invest in sustainable solar energy and alternatives
– Use ICT to develop sustainable smart cities
– Reliable electricity, and regional clean water program

7. Peace, Justice, Strong Institutions
– Strengthen & empower Local Government (LGA) structure.
– Enforce effective, and accountable institutions.
– Open government, participatory democracy and citizen engagement – e-govt.
– Provide access to justice for all.

8. Infrastructure, industry, and innovation:
– Human Capital Development
– Infrastructure Development, road construction and access to markets.
– Economic Development, Sustainable industrialization, and privatization.
– Diaspora Repatriation program to enable umu Ibo to return home to develop our fatherland.