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February 23, 2017

Anambra State 2014 Gubernatorial Election (2)

“The Die is Cast”

Anambra-20141I wouldn’t like to write on Peoples Democratic Party (P.D.P) now until court decides. There are also other political parties in the state (Anambra State) which are getting fully prepared for the Governorship election in Anambra State. They are coming up with their own flag bearers for the crucial election. As am writing now, I am yet to know their candidates. May be in my subsequent write-up, I will be fully informed about the candidates of other political parties not mentioned in this piece and serve you better.


But, my candid advice to all the candidates contesting for the governorship position in Anambra State and their followers, is that they should play the game according to the rules. They must go into the game with a very clean and accommodating heart. They should not see the governorship election in Anambra State this year as Do or Die business, political point and kill extravagance. All the contestants must see themselves as brothers and know that they all come from the same state, Anambra. They must never see or regard this election as Dog eat Dog, lions devouring goats or butcher slaughtering cows in an abattoir. All the Governorship candidates from different political parties in Anambra State who are in the gubernatorial race must start now to prepare their minds and followers for VICTORY or DEFEAT. If they win, they should rejoice and move the state (Anambra State) forward. But, if they lose, they should congratulate themselves for fighting gallantly and identifying with the progress of the state (Anambra State).

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It is true that every contesting governorship candidate is a potential governor but such a candidate should not and must never see himself as a governor already. It is therefore very disappointing and disturbing to note that most of the governorship candidates who have not even known  their fate, come November 2013, are being addressed by their followers, sycophants and supporters as ‘HIS EXCELLENCY or GOVERNOR’, without being elected or sworn in. What a deceit! But this unfortunate attitude and approach simply portrays the level of desperation and hopelessness in same candidates contesting and their foot-soldiers. It is the highest mark of ignorance and sycophancy that can lead any listening and unsuspecting governorship candidate to political abyss and destruction. So, Anambra state governorship candidates, please watch it and don’t allow yourself to be swallowed and drowned by the wickedness, fakeness, pretences, deceits, hypocrisy and betrayals of the inhabitants of this sinful world. especially, your fans.


Most importantly, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) must see that the election is free, fair and clearly won and lost. They must see that the efforts of the governorship candidates are not in vain. INEC must conduct the gubernatorial election in Anambra State in the most appropriate and proper way that will convince the entire electorates of Anambra State that whoever that is being declared winner after the election deserves to win, and that whoever  that losses the election actually lost. INEC must realize that the electorates are becoming wiser in electoral matters and they deserve to be recognized and appreciated. Please INEC, what Anambrarians need from you is election result based on matrix and not magic. Since, Attahiru Jega, the National Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and his crew did it well in Edo State and Ondo State, I am highly optimistic that they are going to do it extremely well in Anambra state come Novermber, 2013.

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Hear this INEC: If Governorship election in Edo State was super, that of Ondo State was super, Anambra State Governorship election should be superlative. So be it. So INEC, all I can say now is well done work. To Anambrarians, no shaking. Ka Chukwu dubenu anyi.


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