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August 16, 2018

Are You Drinking Your Calories?

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When individuals are cutting back on their intake to reduce their calories, food tends to be the first point of call, not everyone is paying attention to the amount of calories contained in their drinks. Most of the carbonated drinks, energy drinks, sweetened drinks and even some fruit juices on the shelf are laden with calories and excessive sugar. Excess sugar consumption increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, can contribute to you becoming overweight and can cause tooth decay. Some other symptoms are fluctuations in energy levels and moods.

Look at the ingredients on the label of your drink. Does it include any of the following:

· High fructose corn syrup

· Fructose

· Sugar

· Corn Syrup

· Glucose

· Dextrose

· Sucrose

· Fruit juice concentrations


All the above ingredients are forms of sugar, one cube of sugar weighs 3g. Look at the food label at the carbohydrates and then how much of this is made up of sugar. You should avoid items with a large amount of sugar particularly where the sugar intake is 22.5 g (just over 7 cubes of sugar), this is deemed a high sugar intake. It is advisable to cut back on your sugar intake, consume items where the sugar intake is 5g or less of sugar, this is deemed a low sugar intake.


Some ways to cut down on your sugar intake are:

· Opt for water.

· Mix fruit juice with sparkling water.

· Eat the fruit instead of drinking the fruit juice.

· Limit the quantity of sweetened drinks consumed.


Why not also try adding a slice of lemon or lime to your water to add a different taste, that might entice you to drink more.


By cutting back on excessive amounts of sugar contained in your drinks and in your food, you will help to regulate your energy levels, reduce your risk of tooth decay and  reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and becoming overweight.


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Gillian Stephen is the founder and director of Fitnessbuster, she is a personal trainer and nutrition coach specialising in weight loss programs, nutrition prescription and pre and post natal exercise. For more information email or become a fan on


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